Sunday, April 21, 2024

Wake and Bake with BSU

By Kiyanna Noel

Black Onyx: Black Student Union and the Cooking Club hosted a Wake and Bake event  April 19 allowing students to go to the H.U.B. and create recipes to make at home. Wake and bake is a term used to represent waking up and consuming marijuana to start your day. 

While the students did not make marijuana-infused foods, the event was to make cookie dough for after students get the “munchies”, a term used to describe the feeling of hunger after ingesting cannabis. 

The students created a cookie dough using different toppings and the basic ingredients like eggs, flour, butter, chocolate chips, peanut M&M’s and sprinkles. 

Members of the BSU e-board lead the students in the steps to create the cookie dough. Public Relations Chair Phardia Desir, secretary Fatim Haidara and intern Zanaeja Dandy helped students gather ingredients that were laid out on a table.

The event had a big turnout despite other events happening at the same time, such as Fuerza: The BIPOC Student Union’s Feud, a game inspired by the show Family Feud. Crafts For a Cause’s DIY Keychain event was also happening at this time.

“We had over 30 people in the H.U.B. for the event,” treasurer of BSU Angelina Briggs said. “We had members APOSA [Apostolic Students and Associates] and AU [African Unity] attend and even some from Fuerza. It was a good event that we would consider doing again.”

Students sat at round tables with friends and followed the instructions by the BSU members until other board members came to each table and informed them of events happening during the upcoming week. 

C4 Week is a week of events about educating students about the resources available to  them on campus. C4 stands for the acronym Challenging College Culture Campaign.

The first event is Cops and Kids at 7 p.m. in Yokum 205 April 24. Students will be allowed to ask questions to police officers about things they’ve always wondered as well as acknowledge the lack of communication between students and officers.

The second event is Does It Glow at 7 p.m. in Yokum 205 April 25. Students will be talking about having safe sex and ways to keep yourself protected. 

The third event is Power of the Negus at 8 p.m. in Yokum 205 April 26. The open discussion will be addressing the history behind the n-word, as well who can use it and who can’t. 

The fourth event is Boogie with BSU at 7 p.m. in the H.U.B. April 27. The event will be a collaboration with PSU Spicy Island Tings. Assistant Choreographer Tai’jah Neil will be creating a dance for attendees to perform. 

The fifth and final event for C4 week is Freaknik at 3 p.m. in the Amitie Plaza April 28. The event is inspired by the annual spring break Freaknik event that occurs in Atlanta. It will have barbeque, free shirts and music from DJ Ciroc. 

After going through the list of detailed events for C4 Week students were given plastic containers to put their cookie dough in and were encouraged to bake the cookies later. 

Isabella Perez, who made a Twix and chocolate chip cookie, baked hers when she went home. 

“My cookies were so good. I didn’t make it marijuana infused,” Perez said. “But I did eat them after for the munchies.”

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