Thursday, June 13, 2024

Volleyball suffers 2 close losses

Garrett Collins

The SUNY Plattsburgh women’s volleyball team had two games this week. First game of
the week was in Johnson, VT to take on the Northern Vermont University-Johnson Badgers. The Cardinals lost the game 2-3. The second game of the week was in New Paltz where the Cardinals took on the Eagles. Plattsburgh couldn’t find a way to fill the win column as they would lose the game 3-1.

The Cardinals traveled across the lake to Johnson Vermont where they would take on the
badgers. Plattsburgh opened up the first set with a strong 6-0 lead, Northern Vermont would strike back with two more scores. Plattsburgh reached 10 points in the first set before Northern Vermont could score 5 points, with the score sitting at a comfortable 10-4 in favor of Plattsburgh. Northern Vermont had to do something or else the set would get away from them. Plattsburgh continued to push the pedal to the metal notching another 5,
points totaling 15 points before Northern Vermont could break double digits mustering only 8 points. Plattsburgh gave up a trio of points after that run, allowing Northern Vermont to pull the lead back to 4 points. Plattsburgh and Northern Vermont exchanged points back and forth, with Northern Vermont’s back against the wall down 23-18 Plattsburgh was ready to end the set. Two scores from Northern Vermont would keep the game close with a score of 23-20, but Plattsburgh finished the first set with a 25-20 victory.

The second set saw Northern Vermont strike back with a quick 4-1 lead to start off. Plattsburgh, however, had different ideas as they would storm back in a big way, rattling off 5 points to recapture the lead 7-6. The lead continued to move back and forth throughout the entirety of the set, and the game was tied at 20-20 in the final 5 point stretch in the set. Northern Vermont and Plattsburgh alternated scores until the final two scores of the
set which ultimately put away Plattsburgh by a score of 26-24. Plattsburgh quickly shot out
to a 7-3 lead until Northern Vermont went on and scored 8 unanswered points. Plattsburgh
quickly scored a trio of points attempting to bounce back from the onslaught of points from
Northern Vermont. Another 5 points by Northern Vermont had Plattsburgh down 17-12. Plattsburgh had one last attempt to take the set where they could clock in 3 more points, however that would be the last points of the set as Northern Vermont would finish the game off a run of 7 unanswered points.

By the time the fourth set rolled around, Plattsburgh knew they had to do something to keep themselves in the game. Plattsburgh did just that, gaining a 19-11 lead, immediately putting Northern Vermont on their heels. Northern Vermont would fall down by 4 with the score being 20- 16 in the final stretch of the set after a run of 5 unanswered points. Plattsburgh would hold on to win another set 25 – 23.

The fifth and final set of the game saw the teams both tied at 2 sets a piece and was the one that proved to be the game-winning set. Northern Vermont would strike first scoring 6 points compared to Plattsburgh’s 1 point. Northern Vermont would score another 3 putting them up 9-5. Plattsburgh constantly kept trying to get back into the game, but at that point it was too late. The Cardinals would lose the set 15-8 and ultimately lose the match,

The next game of the week came Sept. 25, when Plattsburgh traveled to New Paltz to take on the Hawks. Plattsburgh wanted to take the lessons learned from the close last game, where they lost in 5 sets 2-3. The first set saw the two teams go back and forth with Plattsburgh up 13-10. Oneonta would come back hard putting on a strong 5-0 point run taking the lead 15-13. Plattsburgh once again scored another set of 5 points compared
to Oneonta’s 1 point going into the final stretch of the set 21- 18. The teams once again went back and forth, but the lead was too much for Oneonta and Plattsburgh would win the first set of the game 25-23.

The second set saw Plattsburgh keep up with the scoring of Oneonta, keeping the game tied up with Oneonta 15 to 15. Plattsburgh would go on a 5 point scoring run putting Plattsburgh in a primed position to win the second set in the final 5 point stretch, being up 20-15. But all of a sudden the unexpected happened, Oneonta would tear up another 10 points taking the second set under the noses of Plattsburgh 25-20.

The third set saw most of the same story from the set before. Plattsburgh kept it close to Oneonta, being down 17-18. Once again, just like the 2nd set the game, Oneonta would rip another 5-point-run making the score 23-18. Plattsburgh would try to keep themselves above water, scoring 4 unanswered points. Unfortunately, the lead could not be taken back however, losing the game 22-23.

With Plattsburgh down 2 sets to 1, their backs were close against the wall and they needed the win to force a fifth set. Plattsburgh and Oneonta exchanged sets of 3 and 2 points keeping the set tightly knotted at 5 a piece. Oneonta would then go on a 7-1 point run putting them up 12-6. Oneonta would score another trio of points to extend the lead
on Plattsburgh 15-9. Plattsburgh and Oneonta would exchange points for 9 rounds, keeping Oneonta firmly in the driver’s seat in the final 5 points of the game, 20-13. They each scored a trio of points and exchange scores for three rounds, but despite the effort Plattsburgh would lose the set 25-19.

The Cardinals sit now at 6-7 on the seasons and Plattsburgh went 0-2 despite a close game vs the Northern Vermont University – Johnson Badgers and a strong push against Oneonta. The Plattsburgh Cardinals are looking forward to another SUNYAC matchup v.s. SUNY Canton.

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