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Voices unbound in healing circle

DEI hosts housewarming at the H.U.B. in 2023.


By Philo Yunrui Wang

Consistently serving as a platform for students to celebrate their diversity, embrace cultural identities and promote inclusivity on the SUNY Plattsburgh campus, FUERZA: the BIPOC Student Union and Truth, Racial, Healing & Transformation presented a TRHT circle April 4 in the H.U.B.

The event commenced with a circle opening where attendees introduced themselves by sharing their names, pronouns and greetings in their first languages. Guided by the TRHT touchstones, participants agreed to uphold group agreements that emphasized authenticity, mindfulness, compassion and respect for diverse perspectives. Throughout the session, attendees engaged in meaningful discussions in pairs, reflecting on the significance of multilingualism and the experiences of living in a multicultural campus or community.

Participants shared personal anecdotes about moments when others had preconceived expectations about their identities, exploring how such encounters impacted their cultural sense of self. 

Isabella Rodriguez, president of FUERZA shared her thoughts on extending inclusivity to more students who may feel marginalized or uncomfortable. 

“The BIPOC Student Union strives to unify all cultures by creating a safe space for the BIPOC communities on and off campus through education, celebration, healing and acknowledgment that the experiences we might share, aren’t necessarily the same,” Rodriguez wrote over email. “We make a concerted effort to maintain inclusivity at our Healing Circle by emphasizing that everyone’s thoughts and experiences have value and that whatever is said in the room remains in that room. The focus, at the end of the day, is on learning, growing, and understanding. Our club thus always seeks to promote empathy and open-mindedness. ”

In the closing segment, the group collectively reflected on the insights gained from the discussions and proposed changes they would like to see in their campus or community. Ideas for fostering greater inclusivity, understanding and connection were shared, underscoring the collective commitment to building a more welcoming and supportive environment for all.


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