Thursday, July 25, 2024

True Hue

Left to right: Abigail Duquette, Mckenna Brazie, AJ Shuler, Alex Finkey, Aleena Landeta


By Kolin Kriner

With tie-dye and good vibes, the Plattsburgh Association for Visual Arts hosted a tie-dyeing event on Thursday, Feb 29, which brought both art and non-art majors together.

PAVA, an organization working to bring art to the community, has been rapidly growing this semester after the devastating hit the club took from the COVID-19 pandemic. Much of this is thanks to its current e-boards effort, which has been working to build the organization up.

“The e-board is for all art minors and majors,” said PAVA secretary Abigail Duquette, while tie dying a PAVA T-shirt. “We really wanted an art club back on campus to get away from structured art and to have fun and be free.”

The event involved taking pieces of canvas and then using rubber bands to fold designs into the fabric. Following this, participants started dyeing their canvas from a large assortment of color options. Finally, the canvas would be placed into bags to later be rinsed out and dried, revealing the unique art that was created.

The event also offered an enjoyable and friendly environment where people got to relax and be creative together.

“When I participate at the events, I have a lot of fun. I enjoy the people around me,” PAVA member Abraham Nunez said. “I like doing new things. I’ve never dyed canvas before.”

PAVA president Mckenna Brazie, chimed in and explained that the events help build community on campus.

“It’s super fun,” Brazie said, about the events that PAVA hosts, “and everyone’s invited.”


PAVA meets every other Thursday at 7 p.m. in Myers 224.

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