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Trio SSS paves path for students’ growth

Students at a slime making event put on by Trio Student Support Services.


By Nadia Paschal

As the semester reaches a certain point, students may begin to feel daunted by all of the work and stress that has been accumulating. 

Some are too intimidated to reach out for help and approach their professors, but it’s important to note that there is hope and help is available here at SUNY Plattsburgh.

Oftentimes, when students think of Student Support Services, the only resource they know is offered through them is extended test time. 

There is so much more to be discovered, though. Counseling, career guidance, tutoring and financial assistance are just some of the areas students can receive help in through the office.

Senior Isabella Johnston works in Student Support Services, serving both as an office assistant and a peer mentor. In her position as a mentor, Johnston provides peers comfort and assists them with studying, offering any advice needed.

Johnston transferred to Plattsburgh from SUNY Delhi and found her way into this position after attending one of the events held by the office. 

“I accidentally stumbled upon the peer mentoring event,” she said. “I’m a little too old for this… the whole purpose of the program is to help acclimate new students to the college.”

Despite being unaware of what she was getting herself into, Johnston found the guidance she did not know she was searching for. Her own peer mentor at the time showed her all that the campus had to offer, including clubs and places to meet other students.

Johnston believes that more students should seek out the opportunities the office has available and reflects on how these programs have helped her grow.

“It kind of helped me really put myself out there. I met a lot of my close friends that I do have now through this program,” Johnston said.

Anna Schinsing, another student, has found comfort in the services she’s received. After failing one of her courses, she was looking for both academic and personal support. 

“I met with one of my counselors and she kind of helped me plan out my day to day schedule. She helps me set goals and stuff,” Schinsing said.

Schinsing and her counselor work together to tackle all areas, such as personal, financial and academic.

“That has just made a world of a difference in my life,” Schinsing said. “I can’t imagine my college experience not going to see her once a week.”

In regard to students being intimidated by reaching out for help, Schinsing offered some words of wisdom. She recommended going with a friend at first, to just check out the space and survey who’s working there and what is offered.

“I feel like once you’re in there, you’ll find something that’s for you,” Schinsing said.

With so many services to choose from and trained staff members who have experience, Student Support Services is there for anyone and everyone no matter what issue you may be going through. 

It’s important to reach out for help and guidance before reaching a breaking point.


Riley Godfrey, office assistant at Trio SSS

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