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Transforming memories into music

Usually smartphone applications are used to edit the appearance of photos by using filters or effects to create a more appealing visual experience for followers, but what if users could create an audible experience from their photos as well?

Melodist is a new app thatturns your photos into music. Simply upload a photo and the app will analyze and translate different visual aspect of the images such as its color, saturation, and brightness and use that data to create a corresponding musical sequence, according to a Boston Globe article.

The app allows users to alter the musical sequence by changing details such as the speed. People who’ve downloaded the app can also customize the way they view their music, according to the article. Users can view the music in three modes including piano roll, water ripple or crystal tear, which resembles frozen rain drops. Users can also choose from a variety of styles for the background noise on their music which includes zen garden, ice cave and deep space.

After users have transformed their pictures into music, they have the ability to save their music and export it to their music library, according to the Boston Globe.

Another feature of the app is the sleep timer, that can be set for up to one hour, if they want to doze off to their personalized playlist created from their own pictures.

Plattsburgh State junior music major Mike Briens has always had a strong appreciation for music. He spends most of his free time playing his guitar by Hawkins pond.

“Honestly, music is what gets me through the day,” he said “It’s like coffee for me. If I don’t listen to it for at least 20 minutes in the morning, I’m nuts.”

Briens also enjoys taking pictures, and melodist combines two of his favorite things.

When asked about Melodist, Brien expressed concerns about how unique and personal the music really is.

“I feel like a person’s taste in music is something that’s extremely personal,” he said. “Hearing a song that you love is like having someone pour their soul into your ears.”

After using the app Briens said he sees a lot of potential for growth but thinks the app is on the right track.

“You only have a few options to chose from for the animation and the sound effects if you download the app for free,” he said. “I personally wouldn’t really pay for the other features, but I think other people definitely will.”

Briens thinks PSUC students will find the app useful during stressful times of the year such as midterms and finals week.

PSUC junior communications major Lily Farrell disagrees with Briens and doesn’t think that PSUC students will download the app anytime soon.

“I don’t really think students will see the point in it,” Farrell said. “Maybe in like 5 years or something but not now.”

Although Farrell doesn’t think most students on campus will find it useful, she thinks that the app could help people who cannot see their pictures.

“I guess it could potentially help people that are blind,” she said. “It could let them experience the pictures through listening.”

Senior public relations major Kaila Young had a positive first impression with the app.

“I think it’s very cute,” she said. “I like that it makes different songs for different pictures.”

Young thinks she and other students would enjoy the sleep timer setting on the app.

“I think it’s nice that you can enjoy a personal song that’s made from a picture that means something to you,” she said, “and I love my sleep.”
According to Apple, the main purpose of the app is to assist users in six ways.

The list includes turning personal photos into melodies, giving users inspiration for music creation, pressure relief, relaxation and meditation, according to Apple.

Students opinions were mixed, but have customers around the world reacted to the app?

“We have not received enough ratings to display an average for the current version of this application,” Apple said.
Potential users will just have to try it and see.

The Melodist app is available on the Apple App Store for free, users can then upgrade to receive all setting and feature directly through the app.

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