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Thrift Stop offers used goods in ADK

By Kiyanna Noel

From pots and pans to miscellaneous items, a thrift store can provide you almost everything students need. The Thrift Stop, located on the first floor of Adirondack Hall, is home to many items that students donate throughout the school year and are available for re-purchase. 

Tickets are available at the ACC Information Desk for $5 for those interested in going to the thrift store and browsing items. A ticket allows students to pick as many items as they want from the shop.

Outside of the building, there is a sign facing Sanborn Avenue that points you into the building, where you may be greeted by Elizabeth Alden. Alden is the​​ Thrift Stop Coordinator who greets everyone as soon as they walk in the store. 

“I believe it was a program started for students. If they needed extra clothing items or extra bedding items that they couldn’t get at the store, they could come here for gently used items. When I started it last semester, I had seen a couple signs right around finals week about the thrift stop, but I didn’t go personally myself,” Alden said. 

Kristyn Penera is a community director overseeing Macdonough and Harrington halls. Penera works closely with Alden to ensure the shop operates smoothly.

“I have the unique responsibility of managing various aspects of Community Living and Student Success,” Penera wrote in an email. “This includes the supervision of the Campus Thrift Stop. This area of my position involves coordinating donations, posting service opportunities for the Thrift stop and ensuring the smooth operation of the Thrift Stop with the great help of the Thrift Stop Coordinator!”

At the Thrift Stop, if you are searching for specific items, the signs in each room can help guide your attention as well as show you the types of items offered. The most donated items are clothes in different sizes, styles and colors.

Kiyanna Noel

Sometimes, they are very nice clothing items,” Alden said. “As someone who is a little bit on the larger side, it would be nice to see some larger items being donated, but I am happy to see there’s some items that have been donated that students really enjoy.” 

While donations are always welcome, some items simply can no longer be accepted. Food donations are to be made through the Cardinal Cupboard at Burghy’s Den in the ACC.

“Pillows are actually items that we can’t accept because of the sanitation issues with it. We are still accepting small pillows like throw pillows,” Alden said.

Students can volunteer through Cardinal Link. Gabriella Boschetti volunteered during the spring semester. Boschetti described the work as a good way to give back and help organize her own space as the semester wound down.  

“We need most of the help right at the beginning of the semester and then right at the end of the semester, but whenever I have students that come by that want items it’s available to them. They have to get tickets at the ACC. Unfortunately, I can’t do them here,” Alden said. 

If you have any questions about Thrift Stop, email Alden at or Penera at

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