Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Tennis on a roll

Garrett Collins

This week saw the SUNY Plattsburgh Cardinals women’s Tennis team face the Northern Vermont University- Lyndon Hornets on Tuesday sept. 28 in Plattsburgh. They were able to get the job done just a week before when they shutout the Castleton Spartans 9-0. It was much of the same story as the Cardinals wiped the Hornets out scoring another shutout victory 9-0. Later in the week on Friday Oct. 1 the Cardinals would welcome the Northern Vermont University-Johnson Badgers, where once again they would pitch an easy 9-0 shutout.  

The Cardinals would open up their slate of matches with a visit from the Hornets.  The match opened up just the way the Cardinals wanted to with an 8-1 victory from Sarah Hoffner and Cydney Bond versus Saleena Porter and Renee Chaples.  This would be the duo’s third win and their second in a row. 

The next match saw the Svantner Sisters, who have been having a great last couple games win their match with a score of 8-0 over the pair of Lexi Foley and Rebekah Delgato. This win extends their win total to four on the season and extends their winning streak to three. Jaqueline, the third of the Svantner sisters, got her piece of the action with doubles partner Bri Miller who got the win over Hailey Demers and Samantha Howe. This win marks Svantner’s sixth win of the year and Miller’s fifth doubles win of the season  Plattsburgh would sweep the doubles giving them a solid lead of 3 nothing going into the set of singles matches. The Hornets were able to muster only 1 point throughout the whole slate of doubles matches and would be an indication of things to come in singles play. The first match saw Bond facing Porter. The match would end in a two set sweep with Bond winning her first set 6-0 and winning the second one a convincing 6-1. This is her second singles win in a row and her third of the season. 

The second singles match of the slate saw Alyana Leandry sweep Rebekah Delgado for her second win in a row. Hoffner continued the Cardinals Dominance with a decisive win over her opponent Devon Kibbey won both sets earning her fourth singles win of the year. Samantha Svantner shut out Renee Chaplesin two sets, Earning her fourth on the year and her third in a row.  Her sister, Nicole followed that performance up with another shutout victory, this time it was against Lexi Foley. This would be her fourth singles win of the season and her second in a row. The day ended with Sophia Gottschall earning her third win on the season, beating Samantha Howe.

The Plattsburgh Cardinals would look to continue their winning ways and extend their streak to 3 wins as they would welcome the Northern Vermont University-Johnson Bobcats on Friday Oct.1 where they would look to continue their dominating ways after shutting out the Northern Vermont University- Lyndon Hornets 9-0 earlier that week.  The Cardinals would prove that their winning streak is not a fluke as they would shut out their opponent for the third time in a row. 

The day started with a slate of doubles matches and the Cardinals picked up from where they left off earlier this week with a convincing win from Hoffner and Bond over Mason Lores and Rebecca Simon by a score of 8-2. The second set of doubles games were won by Plattsburgh in a forfeit. The third set of doubles matches came from the electric duo of Bri Miller and Jacqueline Svantner picking up their sixth win overall winning by a score of 8-3.  The duo’s record overall has moved to an astonishing 6-1. 

After a sweep of doubles the Cardinals were ready to finish off the Bobcats once and for all once the singles came around. Leandry won her first set 6-0 and in the second set of the contest due to a forfeit.  This extends Leandry’s win streak to three. Hoffner continued her great play from the last match, winning the two sets 6-4. This win over Simon continues her streak now to three singles wins in a row.  The Svantner sisters, Nicole and Samantha both continued to push the issue sweeping both sets.  Just as the game earlier this week ended with a convincing singles victory from Gottschall, she was able to deliver again with a dominating win over Faith Mead adding to her winning streak total now to 3.

The Cardinals women’s tennis team had some rough spots in the beginning of the season dropping to 1-5 after losing 5 straight. Now the Cardinals have seemed to find a turnaround winning their last 3 in shutout fashion and with some of their top players playing their best, the Cardinals are looking to spice things up in this postseason play.           

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