Monday, February 6, 2023

Talking to guardians about sex

To some people, sex seems to be a taboo topic to talk about to their parents. This is totally understandable because not everyone feels comfortable enough to open up about themselves when it comes to sex.

However, you might be able to benefit a lot from opening up about sex with your parents. I know it doesn’t work for everyone, but I know many of my friends who have had conversations with their parents about their sex life, safe sex and other sexuality related topics. And I do know they find it helpful and comfortable to ask their parents for advice.

The first step is that you have to prepare for the talk. Don’t panic. They are your parents, not strangers. It can be stressful. I know. Take a deep breath and start to think about what you are going to ask and talk with your parents. Dating advice? Practice safe sex? Planning ahead can help you a lot. Remember that your parents could be nervous as much as you are when it comes to talking to their children about this sensitive topic. And also remember your parents are probably the one who care about your health first and foremost.

Another tip is to talk to them as soon as you need advice, and do not wait until the problems arise. Always give them a heads up. They are your parents, and they do care about you a lot more than you can imagine. If it is urgent, talk to them as soon as possible. Therefore, you have their support and know what to do if something happens. Trust me. Your parents love you so much that they can do everything to keep you healthy and safe.

`Because this is considered a sensitive topic, choose an appropriate time to spark it with your parents. I would give them a head up first, and then discuss when both sides are comfortable to sit down and talk about it.

After talking, if any disagreement arises, don’t be mad or upset. Keep in mind that your parents always want the best for you. Listening and respecting them are the key. Although you guys might have differences on points of views and solutions, it is still important to listen to them with respect and be open to their advice or opinions. Also, your parents have been through a lot of things in life. It is obvious that they have more experience than you do. They might be able to help you provide guidance and useful information.

On the other hand, I understand that in some families, parents are not really open to talk about sex and sexuality with their children. If you feel that way, there are many outside resources that could help like Planned Parenthood. If you have concerns, you should always reach out to somebody for help before it can become an issue.

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