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Support Women Artists Now celebration to be hosted at DAC

Untitled print by Melanie Yazzie


By Robin Caudell (Press-Republican)

Celebrate women’s art with an immersion during March at the Downtown Arts Cellar in Malone.

Support Women Artists Now, SWAN, is a month-long celebration, organized by The Thrive Project, a committed supporter of the arts, aims to champion and promote the work of women artists across various disciplines.

Tina LaMour, The Thrive Project vice president and initiator of the month-long celebration, expressed excitement about the initiative.

“We are thrilled to bring together our community in this celebration of SWAN,” LaMour, chair of the Art Department at North Country Community College, Malone campus, said.

“Our community has a wealth of artistic talent, and this series of events is a testament to the diverse and vibrant arts scene that exists here.”

The SWAN events will feature captivating exhibitions, interactive workshops, and engaging talks dedicated to celebrating the diverse voices and perspectives of women artists. Through this initiative, The Thrive Project seeks to create a platform that not only recognizes the accomplishments of women in the arts, but also empowers and inspires the next generation of creators. The organizers encourage everyone to participate, fostering a sense of unity and appreciation for the arts.

“Traditionally, SWAN Day is the third Saturday in March,” LaMour said.

“It developed as a day to give attention to women artists. I saw this prior to the pandemic, and then, of course, chaos ensued. I was talking to Jenn Bilow, and she was very interested in seeing this happen. We went from one day to why not make it a month of events that feature women artists. What a great thing to do, right? So that’s what we set about doing. She’s been very supportive of using the space in her gallery and going through The Thrive Project, which is really exciting. The Thrive Project is a nonprofit that is really focused on engaging the community in the arts.”

The project began with workshops with local children.

“We paired them with an artist,” LaMour said.

“It was printmaking and a sculpture workshop and various workshops. It was a lot of fun. So now, it has become a focus for the Downtown Artists Cellar. We have included in these events some workshops that are open to the community and to the children.”

Visiting Artist-in-Residence Melanie Yazzie will come to Malone at the end of March.

“She not only has a presentation of her work at the Downtown Artists Cellar, but she will be visiting a couple of local schools in Malone and also on campus at North Country in Malone. So, we’re really excited about that. Everything.

I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. There are a lot of variation in the events that are happening.”




March 8 is the opening reception for “Out of the Box” Exhibit,” which showcases exceptional regional women artists at the Downtown Artist Cellar located at 410 East Main St., Malone.

Proudly sponsored by North Country Public Radio, this unique exhibition is hosted at the Downtown Artist Cellar, offering a carefully curated selection of regional women artists. What sets these artists apart is not only their exceptional talent but also their unwavering commitment to originality, pushing the boundaries of conventional artistic expression. The featured artists include Cyndy Barbone, MJ Bray, Diane Fine, Susan Hoffer, Annoel Krider, Anastasia Osolin, and Noreen Sadue.

“We are thrilled to showcase the extraordinary talent of these women artists who continually redefine the artistic landscape,” Kathy Parker, president of the Thrive Project, said in a press release.

“Their dedication to pushing boundaries aligns perfectly with the spirit of SWAN, and we are grateful for the support of North Country Public Radio in making this exhibition possible.”

The exhibit runs from March 1 to April 6, with a special reception on March 8, which is part of an Art Walk, in collaboration with the Foothills Art Society, and will also feature new artwork in DAC’s Member Gallery, enhancing the celebration of art creating community.

The exhibition invites art enthusiasts to witness the unique perspectives and groundbreaking work of these regional artists throughout the SWAN celebration.




A Community Drum Circle will be held March 10 from 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. at DAC.

Moving Prints Workshop will be held March 13 and March 20 from 3:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the North Country Community College, Malone Campus, at 61 Williams St., Malone, BM-206.

“We have workshops at North Country Community College for the Moving Prints Exhibition on March 29,” LaMour said.

“You come in and make some prints, and they’ll hopefully be incorporated into the pop-up exhibit at the end of the month.”

“Meet Your Inner Muse Workshop,” led by Evelyne Verret, will be held March 24 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at DAC.

“It’s focused on expressing yourself – journaling, sketchbook, and things like that,” LaMour said.

“And then, Melanie’s here.”

Melanie Yazzie is professor of art practices and head of printmaking at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colo.

Her works belong to many collections such as: the Denver Art Museum, Anchorage Museum of History & Art, the Art Museum of Missoula, the Institute of American Indian Arts, the Kennedy Museum of Art and the Rhode Island School of Design Museum.

She has exhibited nationally and internationally and in countries such as, New Zealand, France, Russia, Canada, Estonia, Northern Ireland, Korea, China, United Kingdom, and Australia.

Yazzie is known for organizing print exchange projects that connect communities across the world. She makes prints, sculptures, paintings, does surface design and jewelry design. She has been represented by the Glenn Green Galleries in Santa Fe, New Mexico since 1994.

“She will be here from March 26 to 29,” LaMour said.

“During that time, she’s going to be working with students in a couple of Malone schools. She will be on campus at North Country. That week will culminate with a presentation of her work on March 28 at the gallery.”

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