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Student’s work ethic pays off

Plattsburgh State senior public relations major Kaila Young used a strong work ethic and determination to turn a summer internship into a future career.

Over the summer, Young had an internship with Target that she said improved her work ethic and helped her to grow as a leader.

“Managing a store for a company as big as Target was something I didn’t think I was capable of doing, I went in scared and unsure of myself,” she said.

Young said after a few weeks she learned action-oriented leadership, better time management skills and developed strong written and verbal communication.

“Before I knew it I was running leader on duty shifts and making business decisions for the store I was working in,” Young said.

Young started her time at PSUC as a global supply chain major after a recommendation from her high school guidance counselor.

She knew she wanted a business related career but wasn’t sure about what aspect of the field she would chose.

“After my first year of college I realized this wasn’t the major for me. I then had a friend who had just switched over to PR tell me all about the program here at school and all of the different networking opportunities I would get from it business wise,” Young said. “I knew I had nothing left to lose so I switched my major and just a few weeks in completely fell in love with the program.”

Young said she is very passionate about her studies and takes her school work very seriously.

PSUC senior Lauren Ciaccio thinks Young’s dedication to her school work comes from a very deep-rooted desire to be successful and achieve her long term goals.

“Many students focus on the now, whereas Kaila sees the big picture and knows the time and dedication she puts in now will pay off for her career and has already begun to,” Ciaccio said.

Ciaccio said the way Young communicates and interacts with her fellow students and professors demonstrates the high level of respect and consideration she has for others.

Young became a sister of Sigma Delta Tau during the fall semester of her freshman year.

Young’s little, PSUC junior Emily Defrancesco, said Young’s strongest personality trait besides her determination is her kindness that’s shown in the way she cares for her friends.

“She would literally do anything for any one of her friends,” Defrancesco said. “I remember my freshman year Kaila ran a calculator over to me at 7:30 a.m. just so I wouldn’t fail my final.”

Defrancesco considers Young as a role model because she looks for the best in people.

“Kaila is honestly the most hard working woman and still has a big enough heart to put her friends first.” Defrancesco said. “I admire her and look up to her everyday.”

Ciaccio said besides class, professionalism and a welcoming presence, Young has willingness to go above and beyond for her sisters and Sigma Delta Tau as a whole.

“Class is a tough trait to find because it’s not necessarily something you can teach but she brings class and grace to every situation and the way she handles them,” Ciaccio said.

Young will demonstrate that trait in her position as assistant new member educator this semester.

Defrancesco thinks Young’s leadership skills will make it easy for younger sisters to follow in her footsteps.

On top of a busy class schedule, working at American Eagle and being an active member of her sorority, Young completes a minimum of 15 hours of community service each semester.

Young has a passion for helping others, that passion led her to Shine On.

Shine On is an annual conference for young girls that promotes self confidence. Young leads the committee on campus that works all year to plan the event.

In her free time Young enjoys going to the gym and cooking.

“Being healthy and fit makes me have more energy throughout the day and has really helped me find balance in my life,” she said.

Finding balance and having a strong support system is very important to Young.

“My biggest support system is definitely my parents, my boyfriend and my friends. No matter what goals I set for myself they constantly make sure they are there for me,” she said. “Even when things get hard they always tell me to push through and that I can do anything in this world that I want to do. Knowing that I have people in my life who believe in me so much feels amazing.”

Young’s biggest advice to underclassmen is to focus on the future above anything else.

“Going to college here is an extremely fun experience but it’s easy to get caught up in the social scene. Make sure you have fun but always put school above anything else,” she said. “Make connections with your professors and other classmates and use those networking opportunities to get you to exactly where you want to be in life.”

Defrancesco said Young is always willing to give anyone honest and fair advice.

“She’s going to tell you the truth and be honest even if you don’t want to hear it,” she said. “I go to her for all of my life advice because she’s the most practical and honest person I know.”

Ciaccio said the way Young communicates and interacts with her friends, fellow students and other professors demonstrates the high level of respect and consideration she has for others.

“Friends or just people in general like her do not come around very often in life. She is truly one-of-a-kind and I am very happy the universe allowed me to cross paths with her.”

In June Young will move to Colorado Springs, CO and will be a department manager for Target. After 18 months she plans to interview for a head manager position at her store. Young hopes to eventually take on a role outside of the store with the group visual merchandising team or the college recruitment team.

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