Thursday, June 13, 2024

Students’ reaction mixed to concert

After 10 years without a Springfest on campus, the Student Association decided it was time to bring back the festivities to campus. Like many students, I was excited for it. It has been something I’ve wanted at Plattsburgh for the four years I’ve attended. But soon after the line-up was announced, I found myself unsatisfied despite many students being excited. 

Springfest kicked off last Thursday with a comedy show by actor and comedian Marlon Wayans in the Giltz Auditorium of Hawkins Hall. He is the youngest member of the famous Wayans family and is known for his roles in the movie “White Chicks” and “Little Man.” Friday night featured a performance by 21-year-old Brooklyn-based rapper Jay Critch in the Field House with several opening acts. The two-night package deal was priced at $16, $9 for each event.

Back in 2004, O.A.R. and Rahzel performed at Plattsburgh State with tickets priced at $5. Schools like SUNY Oneonta put on OH-Fest and have had performers like A Boogie wit da Hoodie, Panic! At The Disco, Kid Ink and Pitbull.

Junior social work major Christopher Brister attended the comedy show because Marlon Wayans is one of his favorite comedians. 

“The turn out was exactly as I thought it would be. The line just to get inside the Glitz Auditorium of the Hawkins building was outside the doors and even curved around the sidewalk,“ Brister said. “Once we got in, the energy was high as DC Ervin opened and introduced Marlon to the stage.” 

Brister only attended the comedy show due to the lack of interest in Jay Critch. 

Springfest is an overall great idea, there is no denying that. Concerts are a lot of fun but there are only one or two Jay Critch songs that I’ve heard and to me that wasn’t worth attending. Especially when Plattsvegas is the next day.  

Communication sciences and disorders major and senior Jessica Heritage decided that she didn’t want to attend the concert or comedy show. 

“I didn’t want to spend the money on it and had others things to do that same day anyway,” Heritage said. 

Paying $9 for a concert with a performer who isn’t that famous might not appeal to many people. But Fred Crockett, a senior business administration and marketing major, who attended the Jay Critch concert for Springfest found the concert price to be rather cheap. 

“$9 for a ticket as a student is a very reasonable price, I have been to a few of his shows and the tickets ranged from $20 to $40.” 

He thought that Plattsburgh State did a good job getting a performer for the concert component for Springfest.

“I think they did a good job. My four years of being here this is the first time I believe that there actually is a Springfest, and I am really excited for the concert,” Crockett said. 

He also was happy about the location of the event as well. 

“I think having it in the Field House was a smart idea by the school,” Crockett said. “Last semester there was a concert in the big room in Hawkins Hall with all the chairs, which I did not attend to due to the fact that chairs were covering the whole area of the audience.”

Heritage thought the concert would have been better if it were somewhere else on campus. 

“I think the concert would have been better outside behind Memorial or something. People want to enjoy time outside since it’s finally nice, and it would have been cool to have it outdoors where more people can be there.” 

People attended and enjoyed letting loose from classes and homework. The whole point of Springfest is to bring together the campus and the community, which is what it did. 

“It’s good they are bringing Springfest back and maybe it’ll become more popular in the future, it just hasn’t been around so people are less interested,” Heritage said. 

Hopefully this year’s turn out will push the Student Association to continue the tradition. Brister said, “Keep doing what you’re doing SA, we love it.”

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