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Students look stylish on a budget

2017 was the year of velvet. I remember when I was either walking around campus or going out every weekend, I saw velvet everywhere. However, it is 2018 now. Should we do velvet again?
For me, the answer is definitely a no. I am always ready for a fashion change.

Since it is brick out during this time in Plattsburgh, it is impossible to pull off a cute sundress or a little tank top. However, it is still possible to remain stylish on campus.

Living in upstate New York means that you will have to investigate on some winter or snow gear. For my outfits, I would definitely be focused on the coats. Trust me, a coat can be the highlight of your look. A faux fur coat should be a must because it is fashionable and of course, it keeps you warm. Nothing can be more comfortable than putting on a coat that feels like a blanket. If you are afraid of being too extra, try a beige color fur coat and mix it with jeans and a nice pair of thigh-high boots. Forever 21 and H&M are the brands to go for this. Also, nothing could be more classic with a trench coat or an wool coat.

For the gentlemen, I would suggest bomber jackets mixed with a nice sweater. Who said boys have fewer options to dress up than girls? There are million ways for the boys to look stylish if they want to. They could just be a collar shirt under a sweater simply going with jeans or khaki. Also, don’t forget to invest in a nice pair of sneakers.

Other than coats, any little detail can help you achieve a polished look. Don’t ever underestimate the power of accessories and other little details. Keeping yourself looking neat and clean is the key to everything. For girls, just adding some type of jewelry, such as a choker or a pair of dangle earrings can help them achieve a boujee look without even trying to hard or spending too much time on it. For guys, a watch is necessary for a classy look. Also, having good hygiene is one of the most important factors if you want to look good.

It is not really that hard to look good everyday. It is also how you show yourself some love. You all deserve it. Whatever you wear, wear it with confidence and a smile. Having a positive attitude is a must-have supporting detail if you want to look amazing in 2018.

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