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Student explores her fashion through nail designs


By Kiyanna Noel

Kiyanna’s Kulture is a biweekly column that highlights different kinds of fashion.

Fashion is a universal language that can be expressed through dance, design, accessories or even hobbies. Whether you spend hours putting together the perfect look or pick it out the night before, the clothes you wear represent who you are and what you want the world to see. 

Britthany Phillips, a third-year nursing student at SUNY Plattsburgh, grew up in St. Mary, Jamaica. Growing up in Jamaica, Phillips’ fashion was restricted to skirts and dresses with bright colors, but now it has developed into something stronger. 

“I did not grow up with the same style that I have now. My style at a younger age was far more vibrant in colors, a lot more designs, patterns and sparkles, but the feminine aspect of my style remained the same,” Phillips explained. “For example, I still love skirts, dresses, heels and off-the-shoulder pieces.”

This also ties into Phillips’ hobby, nail art. Nails and fashion to Phillips completes a look and this is something that she grew up loving to do.

“When I was younger I would also change my nail polish color or design to match with my outfit which was a great fashion move because I think nails are a part of your outfit,” Phillips said. “Most times, the design and color of your nails ties the outfit together and acts as an additional accessory. I currently have a nail business that speaks to who I am and what I love, which is creating.”

Having a finished look, whether it is with accessories or nails matters to Phillips. In fact, being a nail technician coincides with Phillips fashion choices.

“Fashion and nails are an art that go hand in hand. They both are a means of representing yourself before you even say a word,” Phillips said. 

Phillips’ aesthetic consists of neutral tones accompanied by a pop of color that represents her personality on another level. Her fashion and aesthetic are a part of her that she puts a huge effort into because she believes that a first impression should speak in your outfit before you do. 

“I would describe my fashion as being classy, feminine and playful. I think fashion is about having fun with putting different pieces together and, most importantly, accessorizing,” Phillips said. “Fashion is a language that gives those who encounter you a glimpse of your personality.”

Provided by Britthany Phillips

Phillips gets her fashion inspiration from a variety of films and shows that serve as significant fashion staples.

“My fashion sense is mostly inspired by older TV shows and movies that often had elegant feminine statement pieces throughout,” Phillips said. 

Not only does Phillips enjoy neutrals and the right amount of color, but she enjoys accessorizing and experimenting with her looks.

 “Most of my outfits have a color scheme throughout or have a pop of color, depending on the theme I’m going for as well as the season. I like experimenting with different textures and accessories,” Phillips said.  ]

Provided by Britthany Phillips

Being in her junior year brings a stressful academic schedule, so Phillips describes her day-to-day-style as comfortable and homey. 

“However, my everyday fashion is a lot more relaxed and comfy. It consists of a lot more muted colors because as a college student, comfort becomes a number-one priority and I usually go for outfits that take a lot less time and thought because my mind is already filled with academic responsibilities,” Phillips said.

Although her nail business is currently closed for bookings, Phillips till uses her page to inspire future designs for herself and others. 

Phillips encourages everyone to put effort into the looks they have and to be precise in each of their looks even if it is a regular day or the most anticipated day of the year Phillips believes it is important to show up with your best foot forward. 

Fashion is not just about the clothes, shoes or jewelry you wear. It’s about how you feel in the clothes you wear. Your outward appearance tells the world a story about who you are and what you represent. 

To Phillips, the way you present yourself gives others insight into the person you are. 

Phillips is a full-time college student who still takes the time to make the effort in choosing the right outfits to wear that shows the world a part of who she is. 

“I live by the statement to take pride in your outward appearance because it speaks before you do,” Phillips said. 


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