Saturday, June 22, 2024

‘Stress Busters’ destress students


By Cinara Marquis

Finals week is a stressful time for students and faculty. With the influx of late assignments and major projects, everyone is on edge. SUNY Plattsburgh’s staff at Feinberg Library hosted a variety of Stress Busters events during the last week of the term. From Monday to Thursday in the second-floor lobby there were crafts, games, popcorn and therapy dogs to take the pressure off everyone this week.

For the Stress Busters event, groups of friends and individuals came together to destress as they played board games and cards, solved puzzles and colored in coloring books with markers, crayons and colored pencils on the two tables by the main service desk. Games like Clue, Yahtzee, Trivial Pursuit, Dominoes and Connect 4 were enjoyed by many. 

The puzzles and coloring books were unique and varied so anyone with less time could pop in and complete a page or puzzle with ease before going back to studying or preparing exam materials. Along with this anyone with more time could participate in more complex pages and puzzles. Aside from the activities and games, groups also took the time to discuss upcoming exams as well as their plans for winter break.

There was also a popcorn party at the entrance to the library. Students passing by could pick up a bag of popcorn to chow on. The popcorn was cooked to perfection, buttery and salty — the best snack for a study session.

Each day of the four-day event, therapy dogs came to offer emotional support for students and staff who might be overwhelmed with the end-of-term stress.

Photo by Hayden Sadler

For the therapy dog event there were volunteers from Plattsburgh’s chapter of the nonprofit Love On A Leash. The nationwide organization provides therapy pet certifications and advocates for awareness of pet therapy’s benefits.

At one of the events there were two dogs, Lorenzo and Tamir, and their owners, Regina Davison and Rose Vincent.

Davison said that they work with Clinton Community College, Plattsburgh Public Library, Third Age Adult Day Center, the hospital and do emergency visits. 

“It’s always well-received and helps brighten up their days a little,” Davison said.

Aileen Leahy, a student who attended, said, “I really like dogs and I was stressed.” 

The dogs brought joy to students, faculty and staff. Everyone who engaged with them left with a smile on their face.

Leahy was glad to be at the library and felt a lot better after petting the dogs. Events such as these are not only needed before finals week but throughout the year as stress is not just contingent with final exams.  Leahy agreed due to the stresses of being a social work major.  

SUNY Plattsburgh faculty hosted many events to help students manage their stress mindfully. Through various events, such as keychain making, friendship bracelets, self care seminars and holiday celebrations, community advocates and SUNY Plattsburgh staff are making sure that students feel less stressed about their upcoming exams. Finals week is a stressful time for everyone, but events like these show that people are not alone in the stress they may be feeling. 


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