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Stranded student to make return

Plattsburgh State senior, Lina Nguyen was compelled to take a semester off due to the Russian government not having her documents ready in time for the fall 2017 semester. Because of this, she was not allowed back into the US without her valid documents.

Nguyen who started Plattsburgh State in 2014 with a major in management information system and a double major in business administration, was about to say farewell to her final college years until she got the tragic news that she would have to take a semester off. She went through a long four month process in which she is thankful she is able to come back to PSUC for the spring semester. The process not only affected herself, but also her friends and family, but Nguyen still remained positive through it all.

“I made the best of it, everything happens for a reason,” she said.

Her parents were worried because they felt as if she will be late when it comes to graduation year and may fall behind, but she was able to enjoy the time while staying home. “I traveled a lot, all over Europe, places such as Belgium, Germany, Prague and more”.

Although she wasn’t in school, Nguyen was able to get some work experience, working as an account and sales manager for two companies. She said “I presented different products and services of the company, led meetings, and signed contracts.”

Keeping a positive mind, Nguyen was able to also use her time being home by spending it with friends and family. On the other hand, she explained how she missed hanging out with her friends that she made at PSUC and still checks on them daily.

“I look forward to attend my classes first, meet up with my friends and enjoy the college, because I missed that,” Nguyen said.

As for classes that she will be taking during the spring semester, they will mainly be MIS classes, French and business classes.

“Some of the classes I am supposed to take are only in the fall so I will have to take an extra semester,” Nguyen said. In the future, Nguyen is unsure about her career route, but she knows she wants to work with technology.

For advice for students who have to go through the same problem, Nguyen continued to be optimistic and said “Just enjoy the moment, make the best of it.”

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