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Sorority, speaker motivates positive mindset

The Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Incorporated – Zeta Kappa Chapter of Plattsburgh State recently hosted an event with special guest Eliana Reyes in the Yokum Lecture Hall. As part of the Zeta Kappa 2nd annual founders week, the chapter hosted several events to encourage self-love and empowerment.

On Tuesday, April 25, in the Angell College Center, the chapter held a tabling event for their “Platts Loves St. Jude.” Thereafter they held the Purpose 101 event with special guest Reyes. Reyes is an award-winning motivational speaker, as well as author and self-love coach.

Reyes encourages finding your purpose for a fulfilling and enjoyable life. Finding your purpose entails searching for something you’re great at, then recognizing your skills. Once those skills are discovered people then need to find somewhere in the world where their talents can become vital.

“You can’t aggressively pursue purpose if you are still holding on to pains from the past,” Reyes said quoting her book, Purpose: Live It, to explain some of the steps needed to re-define your own perception of purpose. Overcoming past life obstacles and inner problems are necessary to figuring out how to live a purposeful life Reyes said.

According to Reyes, everyone needs to accept that he or she is enough. Becoming content with one’s self is important for a successful and untroubled life. She also motivated students to pursue side interests, such as their hobbies and passions because careers can be found in those activities.

“We want to help PSUC students become aware of what’s going on within themselves and to try and find their voice within. Along with not letting their surroundings affect how they feel and focusing on self-improvement and positivity,” said Daniela Morel, a member of the Zeta Kappa Chapter on campus. As part of Universal Empowerment and Mental Health awareness week, the events served to give insight on empowerment and to keep a healthy mindset.

“ Our motto is Latin by tradition not by definition, we don’t exclude anyone,” said Gina Yanza a member of the Zeta Kappa Chapter on campus. The sorority is open to women of all diversities and ethnicities and promotes unity, love and respect.

Delving further into self-love and positivity, they also held a tabling event, “I am Better Than Barbie/Ken,” Thursday, April 27 in the ACC. The event tied in with the week’s message of empowerment and self-discovery. Following the tabling event on Monday, May 1, the sorority is holding its last informational. The event is open to women of all nationalities and identities interested in learning about their goals and values as a sorority.

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