Thursday, May 6, 2021

Smith works toward a future in music

Music and theater enthusiast Tyler Smith is the perfect example of a well-rounded student. This Plattsburgh State senior, who is originally from Rotterdam, NY, hopes to introduce the world to his musical talent and become a success in the music industry.

Smith’s interests in music and theater sparked in his senior year of high school when he started seeing singing as more than a hobby. It was also when Smith had his first singing role in a theater production.
“I just got really into it at the end of high school and now that I don’t play sports anymore, [Music] took over my life,” Smith said.

Smith was a resident assistant for Banks Hall for two years before moving off campus. He is said to be one of the best by PSUC senior Kevin Morley.
“He took his job seriously and always made a connection with his residents no matter what,” Morley said.

The word that comes to Moorley’s mind when speaking of Smith is unique.

“He has a lot of different interests,” Morley said. “ He’s intellectual, goofy and has always been a singer.”

You may recognize Smith from “The Drowsy Chaperone” play that was showcased in the beginning of the year. Smith played the gangster disguised as pastry chef.
Smith enjoyed being a part of Res Life, but he moved off campus in order to pursue his goals.

“I wanted to move off campus and do my own thing,” Smith said. “I set up a little recording area in my apartment just to have more space and freedom to do stuff.”
Before Smith knew he wanted to work in the music industry, he was trying everything in PSUC to find what was just right for him.

“From freshman year, you don’t know exactly what path you’re going to go down, so it’s always good to go around and try a million different things, and that’s what I have been doing these past four years,” Smith said.

Smith is a business and marketing double major with a music minor and seeks to pursue music further after he graduates by planning an “Extended Play”(EP) release, which is very similar to a mixtape.
“My ideal job would be to work in the [Music] industry as an executive,” Smith said. “I do love making music, but I don’t have to be a superstar.”

Oftentimes, Smith merges his interests in music with his major and succeeds enormously. Smith is an intern for Champlain Valley Voices, where he is responsible for publicity, public relations and marketing.
“I’m sure he will succeed in anything he does in the future because of his willingness to go the extra mile,” said Timothy Morningstar, PSUC adjunct lecturer of music. “He is a very dedicated student.”

When Morningstar thinks of Smith, he thinks of the phrase: “beat up and roll off” because of Smith’s ability to rid himself of stress through his music and sense of humor.

“He is an intelligent, intuitive and a reliable guy who is responsible,” Morningstar said. “He has molded the PSUC music program to ensure his success in the field.”
Smith has invested in Greek life both socially and professionally by being a proud member of the Sigma Tau Gama fraternity.

“It has opened doors for me,” Smith said. “Having that experience of running an organization from that standpoint helped me out with my career.”

Smith was elected the Director of Finance for his fraternity, where he is responsible for handling taxes, keeping the frat’s non-for-profit status upheld in order to host fundraisers and organizing said fundraisers.
When Smith is back in his hometown of Rotterdam, NY he indulges in the foodie lifestyle.

“I’m a huge food guy,” Smith said. “It’s my favorite thing in the world.”

Smith enjoys yelp diving and trying the food that is out of the ordinary.

When he is not eating, Smith enjoys playing World of Warcraft and binging Netflix on his downtime.

“He’s a really good student, and I will miss working with him,” Morningstar said. “Always ready to sing, always ready to work. Those kind of students are the ones you miss the most when they leave.”

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