Sunday, May 19, 2024

Shine On! members inspired by teaching


By Shine On!

 How We Shine is a monthly column from Shine On!, which is an organization that aims to empower young girls and teach them important life skills.



One aspect of the Shine On! program is Educational Outreach. This involves education outreach mentors and other college students, who have studied the material, going in and educating classrooms in North Country schools.

 I originally taught in Chateauguay elementary, and immediately loved it.  When I became the new education outreach coordinator for the Shine On! program, I began another incredible experience. Having participated in Shine On! as a child, it is truly a full-circle moment for me. 

I am excited to bring my personal experience and passion to the role, connecting with local elementary classrooms to teach third to fifth graders about character strengths, media and marketing literacy and anti-bullying. 

This opportunity to mentor and empower the next generation is both fulfilling and meaningful not just for me, but the people we inspire along the way. 



I initially joined Shine On! as a junior and I have loved every second of it. I have been a part of each aspect of the program and plan on continuing to

be involved. 

Shine On!’s annual conference this year was held March 2 and 3 in Memorial Hall and it hosted 120 girls from local elementary schools. 

The conference aims to educate young girls on the seven character strengths, media literacy and growth of communication skills through a series of eight workshops. 

These character strengths are social intelligence, gratitude, self-control, curiosity, optimism, zest and grit.

This conference has been a tradition spanning more than ten years, and it continues to reach school-aged girls all across the county. Hosting and educating the girls are important facets of Shine On!, but not the only ones. 

Another aspect of the program is planning the conference each year, which is done by the Shine On! committee. This is an extensive process that involves students practicing media relations, event planning, grant writing, communication and relationship building. 

After learning all of this information, I realized how important it is to continue encouraging the message of Shine On!. 

I immediately began as an education outreach mentor, but I still wanted to learn more about the public relations aspect of the program. 

I then joined the committee and gained a whole new respect for the program. 

I was able to experience working on the front lines by educating the girls, as well as the back lines by planning meals, schedules and curriculum. 

This program has taught me invaluable lessons and really shaped my opinion on education regarding ELS (English Learning Standards) regulations. 

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