Saturday, July 13, 2024

Shades of expression

By Cinara Marquis


Cardinal Creatives is a biweekly column that celebrates creators in Plattsburgh, present and past. Spotlighting diverse talents throughout our community in all forms, the column is a window into Plattsburgh’s art scene.


“I’ve been told [that I have made art] since I could pick up a pen,” said Ginny Lucchetti, a sophomore visual art major at SUNY Plattsburgh.


She is pursuing a drawing focus.

“I really like digital. But, physically, I really like charcoal. I just like how messy it is — you can do a lot with it,” she explained.


Lucchetti believes that art should be fun and experimental – they often use the dry brush technique. Dry brushing is when an artist pairs a paintbrush with charcoal. It gives the work a smooth, painterly look.


They described, “It’s like everything all in one, and it’s so nice, and it’s so fun, and it’s so messy, and most of the time I come out of art class looking like I just got out of the coal mines, and that’s the best part about it.”


In her art classes, she enjoys drawing figures and still-lifes of skulls. On her own, though, she enjoys character design.

“I love coming up with characters in my head and drawing them—fantasy characters, that’s my favorite,” Lucchetti said.


Equally fulfilling is the exchange of ideas that happens in art class. 

She explained, “I like inspiring others, and I like being inspired by others, and that’s what I really like about art class.”


When she is not making art, she can be found running. 


They said, “My biggest hobby outside of [art] is that I run for track and cross country, and actually, a lot of my ideas of art come from when I’m running by myself stumped on, I’ll just go for a walk and normally it just comes to me.”


Lucchetti finds inspiration for her work in her everyday life too.

They explained, “If I watch a movie and I felt really moved by the movie, my art will kind of reflect that. Or the music I’m listening to—if I’m listening to faster-paced stuff, it’s a lot more gestural in my work, the lines are aggressive. But if I’m listening to calm music I do it very delicately, and it’s very precise.”


Drawing while listening to music allows Lucchetti to explore her feelings. “I find it very soothing, and it’s something that I can control when my life feels uncontrollable, and I like that about it.”

They want to continue their education through graduate school.


She expressed “I want to go into animation, so I’m trying to build up my portfolio.” She continues about animation, “It’s kinda cool that it’s something that just lives eternally—it’s so magical, it’s like an escape from this world.”

Graphics by Ginny Lucchetti
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