Friday, June 14, 2024

Senate sends Dance Corps to Cortland

By Hayden Sadler

The Student Association Senate met in the Cardinal Lounge Feb. 8 to discuss the approval of club funds. The senate also received a presentation about the upcoming 2024 total solar eclipse.

The SA voted unanimously to fund the club Dance Corps’ upcoming competition in Cortland, New York. The Senate also unanimously approved the allocation of funds in support of African Unity’s Mystic Night happening, Feb. 18.

The Senate approved the request of up to $1,700 for the Dance Corps. The Dance Corps requested funding from the SA so that 19 members could travel to Cortland, attend a competition and afford a place to stay the night of Feb. 24th before returning. Traveling to Cortland for competition marks a big step for the Dance Corps because according to Dance Corps President Catherine Efsathiou, the club has never done anything like this before.

Next on the agenda was African Unity’s request for $1,000 in funds to their Mystic Night celebration. This funding will cover lighting and catering for food such as empanadas, wings and a chocolate fountain. Catering will be done by Chartwells. This will be Mystic Night’s third year in a row on campus. There will also be music hosted by African Unity with its own DJ in the Warren Ballrooms of Angell College Center. Mystic Night promises to be a celebration of body positivity and showing love to oneself and the community. Tickets are still on sale and can be purchased on the SUNY Plattsburgh ticketing website.

On the topic of the total solar eclipse reaching Plattsburgh on April 8, 2024, speakers Genie Babb and Lisabeth Kissner of the North Country Planetarium firstly presented an explanation of how a total solar eclipse works, as well as how rare they are. Total solar eclipses can occur in the same spot only once every 360 years. When the eclipse comes next year, it should be visible from approximately noon to 4 p.m. Although the eclipse is best viewed in clear weather, the speakers said that even if the weather were cloudy, there will be eclipse-related effects. Babb and Kissner hope to organize a campus-wide event for the eclipse. The event would include speakers from a diverse range of backgrounds that will be decided as the date of the eclipse comes closer.

Members of the Senate also presented their goals for the semester. As the final semester for the current SA Legislation and elections for another approach, Vice President Saran Kaba laid out intentions for making a smooth transition for the group that steps into office. Senator Liza Ali explained intentions of setting up a club event calendar. 

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