Thursday, June 13, 2024

Scorpios stay in the shadows

By Abigail Azadian

Scorpios spend so much time trying to keep their walls up.

As a water sign, Scorpios put out the fire. Sagittarians and Scorpios both contain depth, but their outlooks are fundamentally different. Sagittarians are too happy-go-lucky for Scorpios. On the other hand, Scorpios are too negative and bring Sagittarians — and everyone else —  down.

Even Leo’s warmth can’t get Scorpios out of the shadows to crack a smile. Scorpios remain cold and distant when Leos just want affection and attention 24/7.

Aries and Scorpios are both ruled by Mars, but they deal with conflicts very differently. Aries being recklessly impulsive will fly off the handle just to fly off the handle. They love to start drama for entertainment. Meanwhile, Scorpios will strike to kill. Scorpios are paranoid, and then spend the rest of their time taking mental notes on the people around them so that if they even need to pull out receipts they can. Maybe if Scorpios unpacked their trust issues they could have meaningful relationships. Imagine if….

Let me make this clear to Scorpios —  your folder of screenshots isn’t proving anything, except that you look for reasons not to trust people and push them away.

Scorpios around Earth signs are just swimming around in murky waters. Scorpios want commitment instantly and Earth signs like to take their time. Earth signs’ slow-paced nature will drive Scorpios nuts. Scorpios and Virgos are too manipulative for anything happy, sweet, and caring to go on.

Y’all love to be miserable and it’s not a good look on either of you.

Scorpios with Capricorns are either a war zone or an echo chamber, because they both love to be right and only one of them can be at a time. When they’re not going at each other’s throats, they pit themselves up against the world together and glorify their self-isolating skills.

Scorpios and Taureans are basically the same sign, but Taureans have a cottagecore aesthetic and Scorpios think wearing black all the time is a personality trait.

Scorpios don’t like to be around other water signs… in public. Scorpios secretly love Cancer and Pisces but hate how emotionally open they are with everybody. One may need them though, because they are the only other signs who understand your emotionality. Scorpio needs Cancer because Scorpios will completely justify whatever revenge Cancer commits against people who have wronged them.

Cancers would give you their own kitchen knife to stab in someone’s back if Scorpios said it would help them.

Scorpios roll their eyes whenever Pisces start talking about how we are connected and should really just learn to get along. Y’all hate it when someone reminds you to have empathy and show forgiveness to another person. Maybe it’s because if you realize what you’re doing is wrong, you’ll have to apologize?

Newsflash, apologizing doesn’t make you weak or a coward.

Scorpios, to have a long-lasting relationship you’re going to have to suck it up one day and learn to admit when you’re wrong — which is probably more than you think.

Scorpios love to talk about how much they love loyalty, but are hypocrites for being the first to hop on the Cancers and Pisces are too-emotional-bandwagon.

Air signs are too harmonious and happy for Scorpios to ever get along. Geminis have too much energy for Scorpios. Plus, Geminis like to laugh at people’s jokes and Scorpios like to overthink them. Geminis change their minds too much which will only cause Scorpios to over-analyze every change. It is simply too exhausting for Scorpios to be around Geminis.

Aquarians bring a more peaceful demeanor to Scorpios and Scorpios are only at peace when they are by themselves. Libras find the best in everyone and Scorpios find the worst. Plus, Libras are always trying to bring people together while Scorpios are busy stirring the pot.

Why are Scorpios like this?

Well, because they never and can’t come to terms with the idea that they mess up, so they blame everyone else.



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