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Savard fulfills athletic position

Brian Savard was recently named the new director of athletic communications, and many within the department are eager to see what he can bring to Plattsburgh State.

Previously, Savard served as SUNY New Paltz’s athletic communications director for six years, where he managed public relations for the school’s 15 varsity teams.

“I’ve been really familiar with Plattsburgh athletics seeing them from afar,” Savard said. “It was a move that excites me. It brings a new set of challenges.”

Savard said what drew him to PSUC was the commitment to success and excellence.

“It was an ideal fit,” he said. “I know the SUNYAC conference very well so I was really ready to hit the ground running.”

As director of athletic communications, Savard will be responsible for media relations of all 17 men’s and women’s varsity sports. He will help maintain the athletic website,, along with other social media platforms maintained by the athletic department.

One person who Savard will be working closely with is PSUC Athletic Director Mike Howard.

“He had multiple layers of experiences that was appealing to us,” Howard said. “Certainly having SUNYAC experience is great and he is well regarded and respected in the field.”

Shortly after the end of last semester, Howard and the athletic department sent out a national search for a new athletic communications director.

“We were very fortunate to get somebody of Brian’s caliber,” Howard said. “During the interview process you could just tell he was really passionate about coming to a school like Plattsburgh.”

Along with bringing Savard to PSUC, Howard thought the time had came to change the title of the position.

“One thing I thought was important was to change the title from sports information director to athletic communications director,” Howard said. “It seems to be the way a lot of institutions are going. I felt that was important because some much happens in that office. I didn’t think the previous title, spoke to the level of what they do.”

Savard didn’t think of sports as a career intially when he attended Susquehanna University.

“I started writing for the student paper and I got my foot in the door,” Savard said. “Then I started working at the athletic communications office at Susquehanna.”

Savard was put in a position as a student to essentially help run the office.

“I really worked hard that year. I realized that this was something I wanted to pursue as a career,” Savard said. “Then I landed an internship with the United States Olympic Committee: Bobsled & Skeleton Federation as a communications intern.

After graduating from Susquehanna, Savard got offered a job at the University of Redlands where he served as Sports Information Assistant while obtaining his master’s degree at the same time.

“I think what keeps me in this profession isn’t necessarily the games,” Savard said. “It’s the relationships you build with the student athletes and coaches. That’s why I’m here, I think I can make an impact on this office and this campus.”

Assistant Athletic Director Stephanie Dutton agrees.

“I know Brian previously, from when he was working at New Paltz,” Dutton said. “He’s a seasoned pro and knows a great deal about this conference so it’s been a smooth transition.”

As assistant athletic director, Dutton acts as the the direct supervisor to the athletic communications office. If anyone in the office has an issues or needs help they report to her.

“Working with Brian has been great,” Savard said. “He is above all a hard worker has great work ethic. “He’s going to put the student athletes and coaches ahead of himself.”

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