Tuesday, January 26, 2021

SA wrap up, advances next semester

As the semester winds downs, the representatives of the Student Assocation look to the future and congratulate each other on the accomplishments of their delegation. No meeting was held this past week, but the representatives continued their work.

During the course of the final meeting of the Senate held last Wednesday, Vice President of Finance Julia Verdon introduced the proposed summer budget totalling of $28,000 provided by the SA fees paid by the students of Plattsburgh State taking summer courses. Additional allocations have been added to the expendable and transportation slots due to an expectation for a larger constituency of international students whose return home may be prevented due to President Trump’s travel ban according to Verdon.

The plethora of annual summer events can be expected as well, with ice cream socials and barbecues as examples of the typical annual events. The summer budget was approved by the Senate after hearing the dissenting opinion Senator Nicholas Bravaico who voiced concerns about the allocations of substantial funds to the summer program in light of the current budgetary setbacks that PSUC has been suffering.

Staffing of the Student Association offices was additionally addressed at this meeting with several positions filled upon approval by the Senators. Appointed to fill the position of Summer Financial Officer was Vice President Lester and appointed to the position of Summer Administrative Officer was President Vrinda Kumar. The officers will be paid thirteen dollars per hour and will oversee the daily administrative duties that require attention during the interim summer months.

In her final presidential report to the spring delegation of the Student Association, President Vrinda expressed optimism and gratitude, “Assuming it’s my last report for the spring semester, I want to thank each and everyone of you sitting here for everything you’ve done. It’s been a great semester. I can rely on a lot of you to just show up and get things done. Hopefully we will stay in touch and you can hold me accountable over the summer.”

Following President Vrinda’s sentiments her fellow representatives mirrored her congratulatory sentiments, these included Vice President Chelsea Green, addressing the room, “Congratulations on completing your semesters as senators”, along with Executive Vice President Taylor Richardson noting, “I’m really happy that we closed out the semester on a really strong note.”

And finally Student Association Adviser Jacob Avery concluded the meeting commending the representatives, “You really should be impressed with yourself.” Avery continued to recommend the representatives to add two books to their summer reading, Margaret Wheatley’s Turning to One Another and Steven Farber’s Radical Leap both titles introduced to Avery by former Student Association President Cashman.

Avery’s last remarks to the legislation before the conclusion of the final meeting contained praise for all along with a reminder, “I can’t reiterate enough that you should be so proud of yourselves. Rest up. You all deserve it. Think of all your goals. You have a big semester coming up.”

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