Wednesday, January 20, 2021

SA VP fixes prior bill, gets passed

Student Association Vice President of Clubs and Organizations MacKenzie Dumas saw her first bill passed during Wednesday’s Senate meeting after an unsuccessful attempt the previous week. Introduced by Senator for Clubs and Organizations Timothy Miller the legislation, titled Student Bill #1, serves to “Define the Recognition of Student Association Clubs and Organizations”.

The Student Association has been preparing for the introduction of a new constitution, in doing so various legislation must be rewritten and updated, the bill elaborates, “Student Association Clubs and Organization’s recognition process needs to be clearly defined and updated after the passage of the defined Constitution.” Dumas compounded this point and remarked that this legislation was drafted “not to rewrite but to revise”.

In the prior session, the Senate chose to vote down the legislation based on various errors grammatically as well as formatting inconsistencies.

Senator Zyaijiah Nadler expressed her gratitude toward Dumas for, “cleaning up the formatting” referencing several inconsistencies existed in the previous draft. Nadler, along with Advisor Jacob Avery were the most vocal in the previous meeting regarding the “structural errors” that existed within the first draft Dumas presented.

As defined by Dumas, the bill serves to “set privileges and definitions for provisional organizations” as well as establish “rules and regulations” along with specific consequences.

This Bill varies in minor elements to it’s predecessor, mainly in ending the requirement that clubs and organizations record and archive meeting minutes, a process that often went unfulfilled.

The draft covers eight topics, all of which outline the process that new clubs and organizations must go through in order to reach full status and be recognized by the Student Association.

One minor problem that stalled the implementation of this bill during last week’s Senate meeting concerned the requirement for clubs to regularly check their mailboxes. Advisor Jake Avery elaborated at the meeting, “Stating that they need to check their mailboxes would get rid of 30 clubs right there. I think you need to think about that as a potential restriction for clubs.”

He presented his recommendations for revision that were fulfilled by Dumas in her final draft.

Outlined in bold print for emphasis is Section IV Subsection F, which reads, (provisional and permanent SA clubs and organizations must) attend all mandatory training sessions and club workshops and other COAB mandatory meetings.

Dumas expressed her contentment with the passage of the Bill she has been engaged in the process of writing and revising it for approximately four weeks.

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