Thursday, August 5, 2021

SA Senate passes vote of no confidence

The Plattsburgh State Student Association held its third meeting of the spring semester Wednesday at 9:15 p.m. in the Cardinal Lounge.

Diet Club, a club in which members educate one another on proper eating habits and discuss helpful tips to keep a healthy lifestyle, was approved for provisional status.

Seniors Nelly Delacruz and Janelle Burgos were approved for provisional status by the senate for their club, Women in Leadership.

NABA was granted up to $1,373 for an event geared toward young entrepreneurs which involves a collaboration with Women in Leadership.

Also on the agenda was the vote of no confidence in PSUC President John Ettling, Director of Student Conduct Larry Allen and Chief Diversity Officer J.W. Wiley. The senate enacted a new policy, which only allows up to five attendees to speak on each item before a vote must be held.

Students were frustrated when the vote of no confidence for Ettling, Allen and Wiley passed at Monday night’s SA executive board meeting after halting comments from the gallery. Students against Wiley’s place on the list of administrators stormed out of the meeting in anger.

Sexual assault survivor Megan Rea was present during the meeting and spoke out against Wiley.

“I feel what he said was dismissive and derailing from the actual issue… He made it about himself,” Rea said.

Abena Boateng, junior multimedia journalism major, spoke out to the senate.

“There’s more than five people who have something to say,” Boateng said. “ Imagine if you were in my shoes.”

International business major Cameron Gonzales also voiced his opinion during the meeting.

“This is called the Student Association… Students justed walked out because they were silenced,” Gonzales said.

The meeting adjourned with final remarks from attendees, who thanked the senators for all their hard work. Many students admit feeling attacked on the previous Monday meeting.
Senior double major in French and public relations Emma Pasquali started a petition that stands with the SA.

“The Student Association and some student groups have not only been at the forefront of these issues but have also borne the burden of being a target since they represent those voices that have been shut down and buried under the rug,” Pasquali said in her petition.

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