Sunday, April 21, 2024

SA Senate looking to involve more students

By Kamiko Chamble

Staff Writer

The Student Association recently approved requests for funding and devised methods of engaging students on campus.. The SA Senate approved multiple requests of funding for different programs. Coordinator of the Arts Alexander Finkey  requested a table in the Angell College Center. The table in the ACC is for the SA so everyone gets to know who they are. It would basically be an introduction so people would be more interested in being a face on campus. They would like to set up a table in the ACC because it’s the most active place on campus where kids go in and out all throughout the day. They requested the first table to be Friday, Oct. 19, and they would like to continue to have one every week to keep students coming and keep them informed.

The SA Faculty Adviser Steven Matthews stated that it was a good idea because that is an effective way to interact with people on campus. The SA wants  students to see them outside of their classes. The SA wants students to know that they see the students on campus and that the students are doing great. The people who set up tables in the ACC have been doing great. They just want to make everyone comfortable and willing to speak to them. 

The senators plan on making a survey for people on campus to take so senators can see how they are perceived on campus, what they can work on and learn what they can do to improve things on campus. 

The senators also plan on setting up a box in the ACC for students on campus to give ideas for clubs or what they would like to see on campus, in a way in which they can anonymously speak up without feeling embarrassed. This idea was approved. 

Matthews explained how the SA pays for the tutors that the school provides for us, the red shuttle that students take every day and even the vacation buses that are taken for breaks. He said that the SA funds go toward lots of places and it has such a big impact on our campus life, so if the students on campus didn’t have the stuff that they currently have on campus, then students would be surprised. The Student Association not only funds student needs but wants too, making things on campus possible for us.

 Next, the club Nepalese at Plattsburgh requested an additional $700 that was approved. They requested the funding because they want to hold a holy event to celebrate the love of the good over evil in the world. They will be ticketing for this event. It’s going to be $5 for the Students and $7 for guests.

Lastly, the Accounting and Finance Club requested a $2,000 travel grant. They would like to take students on campus to Boston to meet with alumni. They would like Plattsburgh President Alexander Enyedi to come. It’s going to be a two-night trip where on Thursday they will go to a networking event, then on Friday they will be going to see the Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler, or KPMK building, have a group dinner and then they will be coming back on Saturday. They need this grant for the transportation. They would like to rent four vans for everyone, and they will be collecting $70 per student just in case of emergencies. If not used, then they will be reimbursed.


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