Sunday, July 21, 2024

SA Senate approves three clubs for provisional status

From left to right, senators Khushi Patil, Manush Patel, Arshita Pandey, Ayush Neupane, Shahad Monir and Ankita Mane clap, celebrating the Student Association Senate’s unanimous decision to approve a club.


By Aleksandra Sidorova

The Student Association Senate approved three clubs for provisional status Feb. 20.

The first club to be approved for provisional status is the Write Club, a revival of the former Creative Writing Club. 

Write Club President Aidan Stickles explained that the club serves as a place for students to have their writing, fiction or nonfiction, reviewed by peers. Students don’t have to bring a writing sample in order to attend meetings. The club was unanimously approved.

Stickles also presented a case for the Social Work Student Association, the second club to be approved, as its treasurer. The goal of the Social Work Student Association is to connect social work students with peers outside of their year group. Stickles said “cohorts don’t mesh” and as a result, social work students have little interaction with students outside of their year group.

The Social Work Student Association would also engage with the community and identify issues that students can work to solve. Stickles named handicap accessibility as an example, which the club will work on together with Student Support Services.

SA Senate Adviser Steve Matthews stepped in to note that social work is one of SUNY Plattsburgh’s fastest-growing majors. 

“You’re going to see an explosion of social work students,” Matthews said.


Aleksandra Sidorova
Aidan Stickles, president of the Write Club and treasurer of the Social Work Student Association, explains the purpose of both clubs to the SA Senate.


The last club to be approved for provisional status is the Business Administration Club. Almost all of its officers were present: President Mansi Mandanka, Vice President Anshika Sharma, Secretary Matthew St. Hilaire, Treasurer Emem Okoko and Public Relations Chair Charmi Asodariya.

Similar clubs, such as the Accounting & Finance Association, focus on their own disciplines, while the Business Administration club serves students with a general interest in business and all kinds of business majors. It will offer events like professional photoshoots and guest speakers.

The Senate also approved Denise Green, Jadalyse Medina, Joshua Severino and Justin Thomas as members of the Activities Coordination Board. They all qualified for membership because they fulfilled the requirement of attending three board meetings.

Continuing the theme of diversifying the Student Association, Senator Arshita Pandey noted the SA needs to “do better” at advertising boards to students. Besides the ACB, there are also Academic Affairs, Art Acquisition, Finance, Legislative Review, Student Diversity and Student Affairs boards, all of which meet weekly.

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