Tuesday, May 28, 2024

SA Senate approves club trip to Boston

By Hayden Sadler

The Student Association senate approved the Accounting and Finance Club’s request for $2,000 for an upcoming trip to Boston during its latest meeting Wednesday, Sept. 27.  

Representatives of the club were present at the meeting to explain the request to the Senate. The $2,000 would allow for members –and non-members of the club to attend. Included in the cost will be lodging, transportation and necessary amenities for the trip. Attendees of the Boston trip will be able to network with Plattsburgh alumni in Boston, as well as visit Harvard University. The trip will take place Oct. 26 through Oct. 28. The funding is expected to accommodate a total of 24 students. 

The Senate also voted in support of Custodian Appreciation Week. The week would see the campus community appreciating campus custodians. The senate voted unanimously in approval of the observation.

Senators closed by sharing what activities they were involved in throughout the week. Several senators shared they attended Community Night last Friday. Several others had no reports to share. 

SA Senate Adviser Steve Matthews closed the meeting with a reminder for the elected officials to be on time to pre-chamber meetings in the future.

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