Sunday, May 19, 2024

SA revises arts coordinator position ahead of elections

Alexander Finkey, coordinator of arts for the Student Association, explains to the SA Senate his rationale for adjusting his position’s name and responsibilities. He wants the title to reflect the work he actually does.


By Aleksandra Sidorova

The Student Association Senate approved a bylaw that adjusts the description of the SA Executive Council’s coordinator of arts position at its meeting April 2.

The executive bylaw renames the position of coordinator of arts to “coordinator of arts and public relations.” 

Current Coordinator of Arts Alexander Finkey introduced the bylaw in order for the work he does to be accurately represented, especially to students running for the position in the election April 25.

The coordinator of arts and public relations chairs both the Arts Acquisition and Public Relations boards and is responsible for managing the SA’s social media activity. However, the position of social media specialist, held by McKenna Brazie, will continue to exist.

The Senate unanimously approved the bylaw.

The Senate also unanimously approved John McMahon, associate professor of political science, as the adviser for the Academic Affairs Board. 

Coordinator of Academic Affairs Mary Stockman endorsed McMahon, saying she had him as her adviser and attended some of his classes. The former adviser for the board, retiring Dean of Students Steve Matthews, also recommended McMahon.

McMahon wrote in his statement to the Student Association that he would like to help students navigate the relationship between students, faculty and administration by representing student needs.

“Many of us among the faculty on campus think that learning more about student needs and perspectives on academic issues would make us better teachers and make us a stronger campus as a whole,” McMahon wrote.


Jayne Smith
The Student Association Senate approved associate professor of political science John McMahon as the adviser of the Academic Affairs Board.


Lastly, the Senate approved Prasamsha Singh Thakuri and former Senator Dhruv Shah as members of the Board of Elections.

In his report, Finkey announced that the promotional pamphlet the Senate reviewed at its first meeting of the semester was finished and is set to print in time for students visiting the campus on Open House tomorrow, April 13.

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