Thursday, June 20, 2024

SA reveals Plattsburgh Next Plan

By Katie Kallamni

The Student Association has announced the Plattsburgh Next Plan, a strategic plan rooted in Plattsburgh’s history, mission, and values, while positioning the college to evolve and move toward a positive future.

Plattsburgh Next’s goal is to prioritize the many positive ideas the campus and larger community members have shared throughout this strategic planning process, which began in November 2020. Much of the plan that was enacted and used throughout 2013-2018 was used to make the revised plan. 

With the support of President Alexander Enyedi, the Plattsburgh Next Steering Committee, the committee put together to devise the plan for SUNY Plattsburgh’s future, conducted 47 focus groups in spring 2021 involving students, faculty, employees and leadership from all campus divisions. External community leaders and alumni were also involved to fully engage participants in the information gathering stage of the planning process. The focus groups were made to get the truth and new ideas on how to better the university.

There are four pillars for the future: growing enrollment, strengthening student success, prioritizing equity, and inclusion and engaging the North Country region. In addition to aligning divisional plans with each of these pillars, $2 million dollars from a strategic investment fund will be put toward providing resources for the accomplishment of Plattsburgh Next’s goals.

In terms of student enrollment and retention, the new plan hopes to stabilize student enrollment at 4,800 students by Fall 2025. As well as, increase freshman and sophomore student retention rate from 75% to 85%. They hope to do this by identifying and eliminating barriers to student success and enhancing student support services. Increasing the 4-year graduation rate from 40% to 55% and reducing the cost of a SUNY Plattsburgh degree by $500 are also main priorities. They hope to decrease cost annually through increased fundraising efforts, initiatives by institutional advancement and develop and implement a summer programming plan that will provide new revenue for the college.

For strengthening student success, it is proposed to increase the number of interest group-focused floor initiatives in Community Living, such as more paint or movie nights in dorms. Increasing the mental health services on campus is another big goal for this plan; especially with the current problem of understaffed workers in the counseling center.

According to the SUNY Plattsburgh Next Plan, their mission is to be the North Country’s preeminent college that embraces environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

In other SA news, Coordinator of Activities Laman HaniFayeva drafted possible events for the spring semester. SA President Ahmed Metwaly met with College Auxiliary Services to discuss bringing back Shutter, the shuttle bus app. Metwaly also brought up with CAS the topic of having a Student Digest app to try and get more students involved and up to date on campus news.

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