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SA requests change to SUNY Display of the Flag

The Student Association held its sixth session of the semester at 9:15 p.m. in the Cardinal Lounge of the Angell College Center Wednesday night.

The Student Association will vote on a resolution, proposed by Executive Vice President Kristen Berkey, pertaining to the SUNY Display of the Flag Policy.

Per the current terms of the policy, SUNY schools are permitted to display the U.S. flag, the New York State flag, the United Nations flag, the Red Cross flag and a unique campus flag or banner.
In two weeks, SA members will attend the Student Assembly of the SUNY system conference to request members of the Executive Committee allow PSUC to raise flags that are meaningful to the campus community.

“Due to the recent events that have occured at the State University of New York College at Plattsburgh, we as a student body believe that SUNY should re-evaluate its flag policy for all SUNY campuses and that each individual SUNY school should have the ability to create their own flag policy,” Berkey said in her resolution.

Members of the SA, as well as gallery members, showed some concern about the proposed resolution. Some think that flag freedom could cause controversy with groups who have different, perhaps discriminatory, views.

PSUC Vice President of Student Affairs Bryan Hartman explained why he supports the motion to modify the flag policy.
“Inclusion and diversity should take priority,” he said.

Assistant Director of Campus Activities Jacob Avery also supports Berkey’s action, noting that doing nothing could cause as much a problem as acting.
“We can face legal issues either way,” Avery said.

Raising a Black Lives Matter flag and LGBTQ+ flag in the ACC was part of a list of demands made by part of the student body after an explosive Snapchat post circulated campus, heightening racial tensions. However raising either of the flags goes against SUNY’s flag policy and could result in serious repercussions. Nevertheless, Avery encourages the SA to back Berkey and propose her resolution to SUNY Student Assembly.

In other routine session business, Steven Matthews was approved to take the place of Jim Sherman as the adviser to the judicial branch.

The Pre-Med Association and Club Caribbean were each approved for additional allocations for upcoming events while the Women in Leadership Club was denied a request for $800.
The SA will vote during its next session Wednesday night on Berkey’s resolution.

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