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SA President Falace works for campus

Hard-working is the perfect word to describe graduate student and childhood education major, Jessica Falace. Besides being the recently elected president of the Student Association here at Plattsburgh State, Falace holds four other jobs.

Her college journey started at PSUC.

“I was very interested in the combined childhood education and special education program,” Falace said.

Falace gets hands-on experience by working at the local public high school as a substitute teacher.

“I also wanted to have the experience of going away to school,” Falace said.

During her freshman year, she laid low and was not involved in any clubs on campus.

“It was kind of weird for me,” Falace said. “In high school, I was very involved. I just kind of hit a bad point freshman year.”

That quickly changed.

“Sophomore year I ended up being the secretary for Clubs and Organization Affairs board,” Falace said. “People started coming to me and asking me for help, so it felt really nice knowing I could help the student body, and I could be someone that people could rely on.”

Kathryn Alton, childhood education professor, first met Falace in her teaching methods I class. Falace’s outgoing personality stood out to Alton.

“Jess is always one step ahead,” Alton said. “She is already thinking things through and so actively engaged with everything. She’s on the ball, and she’s always paying attention.”

Being a good teacher requires qualities like being a risk taker that Falace holds.

“I think her being a risk taker will serve her in every aspect of her life, and it is something that she models for younger students as well,” Alton said. “She is not thinking about what is easiest for her to teach, she is thinking actively about what is best for her kids at all times, which is amazing, and it is not something that you                        can teach.”

Vrinda Kumar, graduate student and public health and social justice major at PSUC, remembers when she first met Falace.

“I met her when she was the Clubs and Organizations secretary and I was president,” Kumar said. “I met her to see if she was a good fit [for president], and she was amazing, so I immediately worked on getting her appointed.”

One of the most memorable moments of Falace for Kumar was when Falace became the Student Association president.

“I would see her talking to students during the campaign week, even after that and before that.” Kumar said, “She is hardworking and doesn’t forget            her responsibilities.”

Falace credits her success to communication.

“It takes an entire team to do what we do for the Student Association,” Falace said “The same thing for students in the school. So by communicating, people know about things.”

Falace’s biggest supporters are Cori Jackson, Jacob Avery, Melanie Wyand and her dad.

“I have been offered so many opportunities here at college,” Falace said. “I have also made long-lasting relationships with the most helpful people I have ever met.”

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