Tuesday, July 23, 2024

SA passes SUNY flag policy resolution, approves club funds

The Plattsburgh State Student Association held its seventh session of the semester Wednesday night in the Cardinal Lounge of the Angell College Center.

The SA senate passed its SUNY flag policy resolution, which asks that SUNY amend its current flag policy to allow schools to raise flags meaningful to individual campuses. The resolution will be forwarded to the Student Assembly of the SUNY system.

The SA devoted about 30 minutes to three presentations pertaining to the Dining Dollar Donation initiative: a new program in which an on-campus organization collects Dining Dollars to fundraise for a cause of its choice.

The organizations in the running were Sigma Lambda Upsilon, SUNY Plattsburgh Cares and Hope in Africa.

SA voted in favor of SUNY Plattsburgh Cares, but members of SUNY Plattsburgh Cares decided to collaborate with both Sigma Lambda Upsilon and Hope in Africa.

Kristina Watrobski was approved to act as an associate justice for the Judicial branch.

Mary Tuey, Steven Vedder, Danielle Young and Essence Hightower were approved to be Board of Elections members.

Malika James-Vassell, William Blomquist, Lily Crosman and Cameron Ashe-Kollar were approved as the Summer Hiring Committee.

William Blomquist was approved as chair of the Student Association Memorial Scholarship Committee.

Approval was granted to recognize April 19 as Custodial Appreciation Day, in which PSUC’s custodial staff will be commended.

The Literacy Club was approved for permanent status, while the Oratory Society and the new Meditation Club were approved for provisional status.

Women in Leadership was denied a request for $800 for a collaboration event with PSUC’s chapter of the National Association of Black Accountants for the second week in a row.

Women in Leadership Vice President Samantha Railey shared her thoughts after the vote.

“I feel frustrated,” Railey said. “They didn’t even tell us why we were denied.”

RADIUS and Club Caribbean were approved for $350 and $664, respectively.

The History Association was granted for up to $477 for a trip to the Montreal Holocaust museum.

Colleges Against Cancer will be allowed up to $965 for an event partnered with Cancer Charity Foundation.

The SA senate meets every Wednesday night at 9:15 p.m. in the Cardinal Lounge of the ACC.

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