Wednesday, May 29, 2024

SA kicks off semester

By Olivia Bousquet

One hundred and one days to do something great was the message Student Association Advisor Jacob Avery left the senate thinking about after its first meeting Feb. 9.

Information from last semester was reviewed, such as approving December’s meeting minutes. Four new members — Aysun Akhundlu, Ryan Ferguson, Mary Stockman and Nilay Vaidya — were unanimously voted into the senate and then sworn in. 

The biggest topic of discussion was Fuerza’s request for an additional $1,595 to cover expenses for its Cardinal Love event. The Black and Latinx union held a Valentine’s Day-themed event in the Warren Ballrooms Feb. 17 at 7 p.m. The SA already provided Fuerza with $2,000 toward the event, but the organization was not anticipating such high costs for catering from Chartwells and for lighting, sound and decorations. Fuerza’s president Charlin Peguero wanted a diverse food selection to include “soul food and vegan options.” This caused the amount to increase. Some members of the senate did not see the need to give them more money, but others differed. Senator Oscar Saldivar noted the importance of supporting clubs, especially since it would give students the opportunity to attend a fun event on campus. An amendment was proposed and accepted to give Fuerza $1,520 instead of the requested $1,595. This would remove the money for lighting, sound and decorations since clubs are given $75 to help with such expenses. The $1,520 will help Fuerza pay for catering of the intended menu.

Additionally, Haliee Olsen, a TV-video production and digital media production major, was approved to produce content for SA as its photographer and videographer. Kimberly Motieram was approved by the senate to be Coffee House co-chair. Coffee House is an event for students to eat and drink while listening to performers. Coordinator of Activities Laman Hanifayeva said they were also planning on collaborating with KoffeeKat, a local coffee shop downtown. Four students were approved as members to the Activities Coordination Board to help with events. 

In other news, SA President Ahmed Metwaly planned on setting up a meeting to find a new College Auxiliary Services executive director to replace Dana Kellerman. He also planned to renegotiate the contracts with Chartwells, the school’s food provider, and the shuttle bus company. Metwaly also noted that SUNY Plattsburgh was providing transportation to Clinton Community College for students to receive their boosters. 

Metwaly’s goal this semester was to reinstate “institutional memory” lost due to COVID-19. He hoped to see more SA involvement with clubs and on social media. 

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