Wednesday, January 20, 2021

SA holds second session

The Plattsburgh State Student Association held its second session of the spring semester Wednesday night at 9:15 p.m. in the Cardinal Lounge.

Per the night’s budget, the Senate moved to approve the position of new Senate Secretary Jeaney Martinez as well as the position of each senator.

Students Tim Miller and Oumar Diallo were approved as voting members of the Finance Board, and 10 co-chairs of the Activities Coordination Board, were also approved.

The Senate also listened to three requests for additional allocations from the Anthropology Club, Title IX, and The Creative Writers Guild.

From the available $22,886.46 in additional allocations, the Anthropology Club was approved for up to $400 for a trip to a Montreal archeology and history museum.

Title IX was granted up to $150 to provide dessert items at yesterday’s Consent Carnival event.

Finally, the Senate granted up to $1,375 to The Creative Writers Guild for their plans to bring a slam poet to campus on April 11.

SA President Jessica Falace said she loves her new position so far.

“I’ve got a great group to work with. We’re still learning a bit about each other, which is the most important part right now because that’s how we’ll get our goals completed,” Falace said.

Falace, who was last year’s ACB Vice President, said they have “quite a few things” planned for this semester.

Some goals include adding SA shuttle routes downtown or to sporting events, and providing a broader range of food choices to students, such as vegan options.

However, the senate’s ultimate goal is “just advocating for the student body,” Falace said. “There are things that pop up all the time [and] we want to make sure we’re there for people.”

Falace noted as the SA enters its budget season, it’s imperative for the Senate to remember that its budget, which is more than $1 million, needs to, above all, serve the PSUC community.

“Whatever money doesn’t end up being used [out of the $1 million] gets put back into reserves for the following year, so nothing ever goes to waste,” Falace said, adding there are over 90 campus organizations, which all require some funding.

“It is students’ money, so we don’t just hand it out. But it is very important we have it.”

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