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SA hears plea to change dormitory name

Update: In the original version of this story, not enough context was given as to why students want to rename Whiteface Hall. Edits have been added to further clarify the situation.

The Student Association held their ninth session of the semester Wednesday, April 11 at 9:15 p.m. in the Cardinal Lounge of the Angell College Center.

Plattsburgh State junior Daniel Khoshkehpazi proposed to form a committee that is composed of every possible group on campus to vote on a name change for Whiteface Hall.

Khoshkehpazi mentioned February’s events on campus pertaining to the racist Snapchat incident as inspiration to name a building after someone important to social justice movements in the area.

“I think the students should have a say in who represents us,” Khoshkehpazi said. “ I believe this will serve the student body.”

Whiteface Hall was brought up as a suggestion due to the fact that it is easier to rename a building not named after a person under current procedures.

SA senators were concerned with preserving the history behind the building named for Whiteface Mountain. One person proposed renaming Whiteface Hall after another mountain to uphold tradition.

This was only the first step for Khoshkehpazi; he must now seek out members and form a committee that has as many students and organization representatives as possible.

In order for a student or organization on campus to nominate a new title, they will be required to submit a 500-word submission explaining their idea and the reasons behind it.
“I feel confident the change will reflect our beliefs on campus,” Khoshkehpazi said.

Khoshkehpazi had planned to propose a renaming of Champlain Valley Hall as well, but the idea was rejected.

A proposal to raise the Student Association mandatory fee from $97 to $115 on every student’s tuition bill was shot down by the tie-breaking vote of SA Chair Brandi Markowski.
Senators attempted to negotiate increases between $105-107, but the motion was voted down.

Director of Student Activities Jacob Avery argued that students of PSUC would not be on board with such a motion anyway.

The Indian Culture and Entertainment was approved for up to $195 in funding for their third annual event to support international students.

Hoop Troop was approved for up to $300 for flow art props in order to incorporate new material into their organization in addition to attempting to attract more male members.
SA President Jessica Falace was approved for up to $2,000 to purchase PSUC T-shirts for incoming freshmen.

Some argued that last year’s “Rock the Red” shirts were not worn enough by freshmen to be invested in.

The Student Association meets every Wednesday at 9:15 p.m. in the Cardinal Lounge of the Angell College Center.

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