Wednesday, May 22, 2024

SA elects new secretary

By Hayden Sadler

The Student Association Senate voted in a new secretary and nominated recipients for awards at its upcoming Student Association Banquet. The Senate also approved funds to a single club request at its meeting April 26.

The Senate unanimously approved the appointment of Saanvi Moryani as secretary of the Student Association. Moryani explained that her time at SUNY Plattsburgh has taught her valuable organizational skills that more than qualify her for her new position. 

Crafts for a Cause was in need of $650 in additional funds for their upcoming finals week craft stations. There will be four different stations, each with multiple kinds of crafts to engage with. Funds granted to the group would also cover the cost of catering provided by Chartwells. The request for additional funds was approved. 

The SA Memorial Scholarship Committee needed two senate members to help coordinate its award process. The committee will assist Senate Adviser Steven Matthews and check applications for the Memorial Scholarship worth $1,000 to be received in installments of $500 per semester. No elected officials will be eligible for the award. Senators Dipekshya Karki, Dhruv Shah and Shanthan Channapareddy all put their names forward to join the committee. 

The senate also discussed its upcoming special awards, which honor students, staff and faculty. Each of the awards is granted to an individual that embodies the spirit and values associated with the nomination.

One of the awards is the William D. Laundry Award, which is granted to a single faculty member who embodies Laundry’s commitment to the service of students on campus. Other awards will be presented after the nominations are made. 

Next on the agenda was approval of a resolution to honor Michelle Carpentier’s 36 years of service to students on campus. The vote was unanimous and shows support in return for everything Carpentier has done for the students.

Senator Endalkachew Abebe announced the success of the Cardinal Sustainability Summit April 21. Senator Aissatou Lo also announced the success of her sustainability resolution presentation at the summit. Senator Liza Ali announced the change of WQKE Radio’s name to Quake Productions. Senator William Donlon talked about making posters for the upcoming Mentalist event that will be held Wednesday, May 10. Posters publicizing the event can be found in the ACC.

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