Tuesday, May 28, 2024

SA discussed finals week and approvals for club requests

By Katie Kallamni

As finals week approaches, the Learning Center will extend to 24 hours open from Dec. 10 through Dec. 16. The Student Association will be providing coffee and tea most evenings throughout finals week.

In other SA news, the Ski and Snowboard Club was unanimously approved of their $740 approval so each member can get a club hat. The hat cost about $11 and there are around 65 members. These estimates were used by the club treasurer when she spoke at the SA meeting.  The SA board also approved their $1,400 request for their annual ski and snowboarding event Feb. 12. 

Kerri Murphy, ski club member, spoke with another club member on how this event is targeted for beginners and is “safe and manageable” and “a good opportunity to try something new.” It costs about $44 for equipment rentals and lift passes and with the club, beginner students get a free lesson. 

The SA also approved the $800 request by the College Theatre Association for more event staff and a technical crew for the play this past weekend called “Calvin Berger.”

Mason Barber, president of the CTA, stressed how important the money would be with being able to properly put on the production. Barber also brought up how Myers Fine Arts building still has the initial COVID seating and how no changes have been made to its true fitting capacity. The larger capacity would greatly benefit the CTA for allowing space for more shows and practices, which have been moved to other facilities, such as the ACC and Hawkins.

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