Sunday, May 19, 2024

SA calls general election, referendum results

The Student Association held its general election and SA fee referendum yesterday, April 25. In total, 671 students voted.

The SA fee passed with 84% of votes. It will remain mandatory for SUNY Plattsburgh students.

Kalema Gooding was elected president with 52% of votes. The runner-ups were Chaun’J Ramos with 27% and Jonanthony Tarlen with 21% of votes.

Sandesh Poudel was elected vice president with 59% of votes, beating Naomi Adebayo.

Sydney Wise was elected treasurer with 50.97% of votes, in the tightest race of the day, over Jana Bar by just 13 votes. 

Kacia Coke was elected coordinator of academic affairs with 57.53% of votes, defeating Arshita Pandey.

Cameron Greaves, who also serves as Cardinal Points’ graphics editor, was elected coordinator of arts and public relations with 62.3% of votes — the largest margin of victory in this election.

Nekaybaw Ross was elected coordinator of student affairs and diversity in an uncontested race.

All eight candidates for senate — John Carguello, Tasmayee Jagtap, Mrudangi Trivedi, William Donlon, Romita Chakraborty, Charmi Asodariya, Shahad Monir and Matthew Wendler — were elected uncontested.

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