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SA brings new faces and fresh start

Monday and Wednesday saw the return of the Student Association’s weekly assembly. In the wake of the elections held during the finals week of the fall semester, a fresh group of representatives have begun their term within the Executive and Legislative branches.

The primary focus of these initial meetings is the appointment of various positions within the Student Association. The results of the appointments for which the Executive branch is responsible include the following:

Cori Jackson as Executive Council and Activities advisor, James Sherman as advisor to the Vice President of Student Affairs and Diversity, Stephen Matthews as Advisor to the Vice President of Academic Affairs, Andrew Goerlitz as advisor to the Vice President of Arts, Jacob Avery as advisor to the Vice President of Clubs and Organizations, Bryan Hartman as advisor to the Vice President of Finance, Jainaba Darboe as the Student Association Public Relations Coordinator, Ruhamaiah Bradly as the Student Assocation Videographer, Chau Tung Lam Nguyen as Student Web Editor, Taeko Kelly as Executive Secretary and, finally, Ashley Spraker as Student Association graphic designer.

Following the process of appointments the Executive Council discussed upcoming events and current projects.

Student Association President Vrinda Kumar began by explaining her current objective to introduce a “safe space for the international student body to speak and share about events happening nationally.” As well as mentioning the upcoming installation of a suggestion box outside the Student Association office.

Vice President Amber Cruz continued by addressing the availability of positions within the Academic Advisory Board, the board is looking for anyone “tenacious, determined and interested in getting involved.” If interested, contact a representative of the Student Association either directly or via email.

Vice President Sanaira Mondegarian expressed her satisfaction concerning the on-campus film viewing of “Girl on the Train” which attracted approximately 60 viewers. The next scheduled on-campus film viewing for “Don’t Breath” will be March 5.

To conclude the first Executive Council of 2017, Vice President Chelsea Green reminded the council of the approaching Diversity Week which will last from February 25 to March 3. The theme as Vice President Green elaborates will be the “mosaic of voices.”

The first Senate meeting held on Wednesday night followed a similar agenda as the Executive Council. As with the Executive council, the Senate is tasked with the appointment of representatives to fill various committees. The results are as follows: Off Campus Relations: Michael Katcher, Finance: Danish Rai, COAB: Tim Miller, CAS: Smit Pujara, Environmental Science: Vasu Govani, Campus Safety: Vacant Student Services: Paola Bautista Academics: Leo Lee Public Relations: Kristin Berkey Housing and Residence Life: Matthew Ferrara Activities: Hanna Assefa, Global Education: Vacant, Diversity and Political Awareness: Zyaijah Nadler, Legislative Review: Ibrahima Diallo, and Speaker of the Senate: Joe Lewis.

Proceeding the appointments various representatives detailed upcoming events and expressed their optimism concerning the upcoming semester.

Senator Lee echoed Vice President Cruz’s appeal for members to fill the Academic Advisory Board. Regarding the position Senator Lee described the board as a, “great way for your voice to be heard.”

Senator Miller commented on various upcoming events, specifically noting that the involvement fair will be held Friday, Feb. 3, at 2 p.m.. Clubs can set up as early as 1:30 p.m. and club training will be held this Sunday, Feb. 5.

The Senate meeting culimnated in an address by President Vrinda who remarked, “Congratulations on your first meeting, a special thank you to those senators who came to exec. council and thank you to the gallery for participating.”

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