Sunday, July 21, 2024

SA brings in new members

Katie Kallamni

At the Student Association meeting Sept. 22, Marileana Rodriguez was unanimously voted in as Co-Chair of Activities Board for Special Events. She attended the meeting and spoke on her own behalf. Harrison Gereau was voted in as a member for the Athletics Committee.

There was debate as Harrison is not able to attend meetings due to other conflicts during their schedule meetings. Metwaly spoke passionately on Harrison’s behalf attesting to his dedication and enthusiasm. 

Senator Linares, Senator Oscar Salvidor and Senator Torress all voted against Harrison’s approval since he was unable to attend the meeting, speak on his behalf and answer any questions. Omorogbe-Akpata was unanimously approved to be a member of the Finance Board. She attended the meeting and spoke about her eagerness to get started with the Finance Board. Zoe Nguyen was approved unanimously in the Student Association as the Graphic Designer. She is interested in photography and graphic design and is excited to bring new ideas and to work with the Student Association. Brennan Dowd was also unanimously voted in as the Student Association photographer and videographer. He is graduating in December and is enthusiastic about spending his last semester in SA. He plans to video people and events. He has previous history with productions. 

The $2,483.41 budget needed for the College Theater Association performances was approved. The CTA plans to perform Calvin Berger and Midsommar Dream. The money needed is to be used for production rights, costumes, lights and props. Ticket prices are $3 for students and $5 for community members and staff. All ticket proceeds are returned back into the SA student CTA fund. The productions will take place in Krinovitz Hall in Hawkins with a max attendance of 100 people.

The Beyond Burger, a popular vegetarian option, is being offered now for late night at the Sundowner. Coffee House is still looking for performers as they are now open Sept. 29.

International week is going to be Nov. 15 this semester. The Student Association will also be hosting a Halloween spirited trip to Salem, MA. The SA is looking to take 55 students with ticket prices set at $30. For questions or more information, email 

Jeff Bailey, campus director, stepped down from his position. CAS has answered concerns that were raised with housing and dining. Metwaly and the Student Association have been in close contact with CAS as they are working to extend dining hours, have a larger variety of on-campus food and some housing issues. Environmental meetings have also started with Senator Griffin working to get more benches and tables in the area. Senator Perry just had a recent meeting with Plattsburgh Mayor Christopher C. Rosenquest discussing issues, new ideas, and exchanging information to further connect SA with Plattsburgh. 


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