Wednesday, April 17, 2024

SA approves up to $15,000

By Hayden Sadler

The Student Association approved club funding requests amounting to almost $15,000 April 5. Additionally, two clubs were granted provisional status and the Desi Club was granted permanent status.

One of the approved requests was granted to the Hospitality Management Club, for provisional club status. The club’s aim is to educate students about the various accomplishments individuals can achieve in the hospitality management field. The request was granted unanimously.

A club representing a chapter of Amnesty International, an organization founded after World War II that advocates for human rights, also requested provisional club status. The group’s goal is to educate people and promote human rights education. Its most recent event had a significant turnout, and the club received approval for their status request.

The Desi Club, represented by Senator Arshita Pandey, requested permanent club status. The club aims to educate others about South Asian cultures, and has hosted several successful events since its establishment last semester. The request was approved unanimously.

Another approved request was that of the Anthropology Club, which requested $2,000 to fund an upcoming trip to Boston. The trip will provide a unique opportunity for the 12 club members  attending to gain valuable experience and network. During their trip, the club members will explore history and visit the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology. The request was approved unanimously, with the club members being asked to budget for their food during the trip.

The African Unity Club requested $5,000 for their upcoming 11th annual pageant. The cost of Chartwells catering will be $1,700, in addition to $438 needed for lighting at the event. Tickets will cost $8 for students and $10 for others interested in attending. The event will feature a photobooth and, for the first time in three years, a male contestant competing for the Africa crown. The club received approval of their request.

The Public Relations Student Society of America requested $885 for their upcoming professionals dinner, which received a grant from College Auxiliary Services and ACE for a speaker. The event will not have tickets, but interested people should RSVP in advance. The club received unanimous approval from the senate.

The Muslim Student Association requested an additional $2,500 in allocations for their remaining iftars — Ramadan dinners. At the time of the meeting, there were eight of these dinners left. The MSA received unanimous approval.

Representing Biketopia, Eirik Lavigne requested $550 to acquire new parts and tools for the club’s bike repairs. The club currently has six bikes that can be signed out for student use as an alternative form of transportation. The bikes are free of charge, but without the necessary parts and tools, the club would be unable to maintain the bikes for student use. The club will use $140 for tools, oils and grease, while the remaining $410 will allow them to obtain the parts they need to roll out new bikes for student use.

Finally, the club Nepalese at Plattsburgh and Club International requested $3,500 for their Holi Dinner, a celebration aimed at spreading joy and color in life. The cost of the event will include Chartwells catering. CAS granted the club $1,000. Although the event will not require tickets, interested attendees should RSVP. Approximately 50 to 60 people attend the clubs’ general meetings, and the club is expecting a large turnout of around 200 people. Snacks will be available for all attendees, but the dinner will be served on a first come, first served basis. Funding for the event was approved.

During the meeting, the Senate also approved new members to the Activities Coordination and Finance boards. Sandesh Poudel and Aryan Rajbhandari were approved as ACB members. Dhir Jain, a business major, was accepted to the Finance Board. All new members were voted in unanimously.

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