Sunday, July 21, 2024

SA approves Shuttle budget

Katie Kallamni

After concerns and frustration were raised with the Student Associations shuttle service and its inconsistent time, the $6,065 new budget was introduced and passed. The goal is to increase wages to hire more drivers. The SA council said for a three month period, one day out of the week drivers were missing. This new deal would start drivers at a $16.50 per hour wage. 

“We found the drivers are less interested in benefits and are looking for more money,” Ahmed Metwaly, president of SA, said. 

 In other SA news, the Black Onyx Wild N’ Out comedy show recreation event was financially supported for $791.00. The red team is going against the black team Nov. 19 at 8 p.m. in the ACC Ballroom. The Wild’ N Out event will be using a series of games presented from the show. Some examples include “bail me out,” “do dat dance” and “plead the fifth.” The Black Onyx organization’s goal is to give students the opportunity to show their talents and to bond with each other. The club looks to provide an engaging and entertaining space while welcoming all students on campus. 

The Black Onyx Fashion Show event takes place Nov. 20 at 6 p.m. in the ACC Ballroom. The event was unanimously financially approved for $4,528.00. The fashion show will have 18 to 20 models, and they will be professionally dressed with hair and makeup done. There are four designers receiving $500 each; Bytiannaosbourne, Midao, Kuchuments LLC and Straight Out the Motherland. The photographer is receiving $300 and $520 for tech (lights and sound). Catering expenses are $1408.00, which will be feeding people sandwiches, drinks and snacks.  Each event ticket is $9 for students and $10 for the general public. With the package deal, for one $12 ticket you can attend the Wild N’ Out remake and fashion show.   

Lastly SA notes, SUNY Plattsburgh starting the spring 2022 semester no longer requires that students need an SAT score for admission. Also, the art committee is finalizing their decisions for new art pieces on campus. 


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