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Restaurant known for local produce

Founded in May 2013, it hasn’t been too long since local restaurant Blue Collar Bistro made the move from being a small tent at the Plattsburgh Farmers’ Market to a full-fledged restaurant on Margaret Street.

The name, prompted by the living styles of the previous generations, draws customers in to the new sandwich and dinner spot with its local charm.

“My fiancé and I were talking about opening a little pop-up in the farmers’ market, and we thought about what type of name would appeal to people who shop and feature at a farmers’ market to obtain their food,” Cindy Snow, owner and founder of Blue Collar Bistro, said.

To Snow, the name means you are more into the roots of previous generations and how they used to grow and harvest their own foods.

The restaurant decided to set up shop in downtown Plattsburgh.

“Plattsburgh is my hometown. Many people know me and the type of food that I try to serve to people. I think this restaurant is what this city needed,” Snow said. “Plattsburgh has a lot of chain restaurants and a lot of restaurants that serve frozen and factory-produced foods. There was a niche that needed to be filled for people that wanted to eat healthy, good-quality food.”

When it comes to the food that Blue Collar Bistro serves, all ingredients come from local farms, and the food is all homemade. Such local farms include Fledging Crow, Hill Top Farms, Quarry Garden and North Country Creamery.

“We try to buy from our local producers as much as possible,” Snow said. For their customers, the quality of food shows.
“I think the bistro’s focus on local agriculture is pretty great,” PSUC student Adam St. Pierre said. “It’s refreshing to see artisan food made from local ingredients.”

Though the restaurant is still new, it already has two specialty dishes growing in popularity.

“The Reuben is their best item. The meat is so tender and savory. I think everyone in Plattsburgh should try it at least once,” PSUC student Santiago Loja said.

Snow said the Rebuen includes house-cured corn beef, remoulade sauce and sauerkraut. Along with the Reuben, their Cuban sandwich is also a big seller. The Cuban features homemade honey mustard, ham, roast and dill pickle.

“I haven’t got to try much yet, and even if I did, it would be difficult to choose. They’re always changing the specials there and surprising me,” St. Pierre said. “I would say so far the pork poutine is my favorite. It’s a great item to split with someone else as an appetizer.”

Loja said the eatery has the appeal of a city restaurant.

“It reminds me of restaurants I used to frequent in New York City,” Loja said. “It’s classy, yet friendly, and the food is familiar enough that anyone can find something they like, but there is a personal touch on all of them.”

Snow hopes the restaurant continues to maintain its popularity and thrives to keep their doors open. “My hopes for this place are that we become Plattsburgh’s favorite spot to grab a sandwich and dinner when you are downtown,” Snow said.

“We hope to be a destination for people to come. We want people to come to Plattsburgh because of us.”

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