7 Replies to “Quigley sentencing raises drug concerns

  1. im happy there is no news in plattsburgh that a young individuals drug history and conviction needs to be put on the front page. Cardinal points i am so disappointed in you for hurting the reputation of a student rather than support a fellow student, and member of our community. The writer and editor should be embarrassed to publish this anywhere, absolutely disgusted.

    1. Christine, we appreciate your thoughts and concerns. We hope that you and other members of the Plattsburgh State community understand that we are not owned by the school and are by no means a publication that is printed solely to make our school and our students look good. There are a lot of positive things that go on around campus that we always cover, but we are journalists. This means we unfortunately have to cover the not-so-pretty side of PSUC as well. Our job is to spread the word of all the things happening in our school, and the drug problem is a growing issue. We are sorry that it seems as if we exploited your friend, but Kevin Quigley has openly spoken to us about his drug history in a previous interview. This story was an update of his case. Another story was published about his sentencing in the Press-Republican. We hope you understand that it would have been journalistically unethical for us not to update the school community. If you would like to further discuss your concerns, please email cp@cardinalpointsonline.com or come talk to us in our office, which is located in Ward Hall, room 118.

  2. How is it disgusting. It’s news. That’s what happens in the real world when you do illegal things….. it gets published.

  3. I hope that suny will recognize the real problems with drugs in this town and take it on. These kids need help and the support is very limited. There are many more students with similar issues that need help now!

    1. Congrats on your 1.5 stars on this. it’s sad that the only story you had for headlines was one about how a troubled student’s future is ruined. This was written in such poor taste, you should all be embarrassed.

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