Sunday, September 24, 2023

“Publish Our Thoughts”

These are the unedited statements submitted by attendees of AKEBA’s open forum in response to the racially offensive graphic printed in the Oct. 23 edition of Cardinal Points. This list will be updated as more comments come in.  Cardinal Points has chosen to publish these statements unattributed.

  • The picture has apalling stereotypes. Cardinal points should run a whole issue about how people feel about this situation.
  • We need a proper apology. Proper action should taken for those allowed this to be published. It is 2015, lets stop racial stereotypes, because we are not all from the ghetto. We are not all uneducated.
  • To whom it may concern: I’ve had many feeling about this article and the picture. While I spent much of this on the sidelines and listening to all sides I think it’s best to take the picture and article down and allow for those who let this picture slid, apologize and make sure this doesn’t happen again.
  • Minorities are not defined by economic background, the are defined the color of their skin. This image says no matter how high you go, you are where you come from. An apology should come from the designer for the publication.
  • Stop making excuses for thing like this. in today’s society there should be no reason such acts occur. I as an African American student at SUNY Plattsburgh I am embarrassed and Baffled. Also I firmly believe that CP should release a sincere appology to everyone.
  • I feel like we as a community deserve a more sincere apology. This unfortunate incident is based on bigotry, racism and ignorance. I also feel like we should get an answer on how this graphic was approve by 7 people! We as a community have been ignited by this comic to start a revolution. This comic DOES NOT portray minorities correctly or in a positive light.
  • I am concerned as a white person that we have “asked” the students in AKEBA to symbolically host this and be the problems solvers we need to work to create an environment that supports students of color. Administration needs to emphasize this in a way students hear and see.
  • We need to implement Examining Diversity Through Film as a general education course. Obviously individuals within this institution are not aware of the differences of others so we need it to become mandatory.
  • Thank you, administration for showing up to today’s event for not ignoring the reality of our campus. The reality students on your campus is being discriminated. The reality that no matter how much we work towards this issue it will always be a problem. But please never give up on your students, your campus, our reality because if so how will students stay sane?! Most of all thank you AKEBA!
  • I’m paying $22,000 to attend this school an this is how I’m being represented. I demand a refund of $22,000! This is ridiculous!!!!
  • What if cardinal points or some other entity interviewed students about who they are as individuals?  It could be like Souls of New york and the other like minded things that we see on facebook. it could be SoulsofSUNYPlattsburgh.
  • I am African-American, I am Proud of it. My skin is my favorite shade of chocolate. My blood is coming from African Queens and Black Warriors. My Hair is full or power, strength and courage I fight for everything and more than I deserve Call me a word to make yourself feel better but wait for me to rise above then hand you a mirror to see the true meeting {meaning} of the word I have been put in a category “minority” But my mind sees my colored siblings as a majority because our potential is infinite My voice may not be the loudest or strongest but just Know I can hold my own Black skin was coated in gold and held power Let us take back our power because it is what’s right
  • When I first saw this picture, I was disgusted. How did this picture get approved? When i came to Plattsburgh, I was excited to move away from my white community, meet people from different communities and different background. How does a college who prides themselves in having a wide diversity of students post this picture? Something needs to be done.
  • This is truly unaccepteble. I have white friends and one problem I have about the students on this campus that are students that aren’t black is the use of the “N” word which is not okay. I have brought this to admin before the issue and obvi. nothing was done on xxx this newspaper article.
  • Looking at this picture just brought me back to a Kanye West interview where he said “Just because of our skin color, we will have to work twice as hard. Even if we got there already, we had to work twice as hard.” So I just have to use this as motivation.
  • When i first saw this graphic when the paper came out the picture grabbed my attention right away. How could after all this country has gone through and changes we’ve made, IGNORANCE remains? How is is possible this picture was printed on and delivered across campus? How come no one caught this and realized the underlying message behind the graphic depicted? I find it incredibly disturbing that individuals still believe such false stigmas. This picture shows an African American walking through a depressed neighborhood with abandoned cars, boarded up buildings which infer that all African Americans or minorities come from inner city environments. This is a misrepresentation. Why is it that a white person couldn’t come from a background? As I mentioned before there is a great ignorance and there needs to be changes made everywhere. Quite honestly there isn’t enough room on this card to express my thoughts.
  • Who’s going to be held responsible? What does getting angry do? I think there is a more peaceful solution.
  • Why would this even be a thought or image provoked in someones mind after when they think of blackness/minority? Don’t give me apologize fix the problem. If this is how you view me then work to educate yourself because you know nothing about me/us.
  • What is going to be done about this?
  • How do you sit here and think this is ok? Why do I attend Plattsburgh if your sending me back like this image?
  • I don’t really know how to feel about this, personally I feel disrespected. I don’t understand how this illustration connects to the article. How was this able to make front page and be printed just in time for open house weekend? Who will take this blame and will happen to move forward? Why was the person being drawn in the image looks so similar to Black face? Us minorities don’t look that.
  • As a member of Cardinal Points, I’m extremely upset about the graphic. But I don’t believe the entire newspaper should be labeled a racist or biggoted. I understand fully why this is wrong and I’m shocked it made it through the editorial board but people need Cardinal Points as not just seven people who clearly fucked up. CP would never want to offend any person. Cardinal Points strives to broaden horizons, not put people in boxes. I know the paper will learn from this and I pray it never happens again. As I’m sitting here and hearing people tear apart the paper I dedicate my time and hard work to I feel angry. I’m so possed off that people have never read the paper before only look at this graphic. They may have never picked up a paper and now they may hate everyone on the staff and may never read CP again and I think that’s unfair This was a big mistake but we will move forward.
  • As a former staff member (associate phot0) of Cardinal Points I am appalled and disgusted this was seen as an acceptable representation of the article written. How could it now have been caught going through how many staff members, advisors and EIC? So many people believe that their intentions outweigh the impacts of their actions. There words. There stereotypes. This is not true. And I am sorry to the Human Beings that were the victims of this situation.  The Human beings, because that’s what this is about. Treating each other as equal people.
  • When do we plan on making this a bigger deal than it is. There’s no reason why there’s people in this room for this matter, while others are going about their day, hanging out in the blue room and doing homework. We need to stop sitting in a room and express our anger in peace by having a walk. That walk should be down the middle of campus so that they see this is a big problem. Everyone on this campus should be fully aware of this huge problem. We need to make this movement as soon as possible. I am graduating this semester and refuse to leave without making the big difference. Enough is enough.
  • This image is more than disgusting. As as freshman, I came to this school with an optimistic outlook knowing that I was going to be one of a few on this campus. But this feels like a slap in the face. The face that this got published and placed on the front cover just shows how we as minorities are seen in the eyes of the person who sat down and took the time to hand draw it and those who allowed it to not only be published, but put it on the front cover. So this how I’m seen on campus? Despite the struggles to make it here and to continue on in higher education, this is all that I will be seen as? Because I know where I came from and this definitely is not it in any way! Why isn’t diversity spoken about and incorporated in my classes? Why isn’t this school that prides itself on diversity? There needs to be diversity training and awareness meetings for faculty and staff. There needs to be more attention brought to multicultural and various ethnic clubs and meeting. Akeeba shouldn’t only have minorities attending their meeting just like the Korean club shouldn’t only have Koreans in attendance. Posters aren’t enough. Email should be sent out, such event need to publicized on a campus wide scale. And such offenses should be severely punished. Where was the graphic artist and writer of the piece, which had NOTHING to do with the image, at todays event? Such ignorant and offensive acts should be dealt with by not only having them explain themselves, but hear the sides opinions and realizing that we as a minority
  • I feel as though there needs to be mandatory courses to educate students on campus to truly show how much the campus cares about diversity. I do not live in this environment that is depicted in this illustration. An apology through an email is not genuine enough. I need a actual physical statement. Faculty members should be more. Faculty should be telling there students about going to meeting from clubs. As well as faculty attending meeting input.
  • Diversity trainings should be done for all clubs and orgs. diversity and social justice training should be done to break stereotypes between white and black groups and peers.
  • More regulations on Cardinal Points. A student based Diversity task book. A mandatory diversity class. Preferably diversity through film.
  • Suny Plattsburgh needs to focus a little more on Really educating student not only on their major but on social issues.
  • Classes to explore different cultures.
  • As a campus i feel it is important that students are not the only people who are encouraging these conversations and need for community change. Our faculty and administration must not just be sending emails but should be encouraging and facilitating opportunities for discussion/ community development. We must be united/committed in this effort or else we will never progress as a school or as people. This is what higher education is all about, but we must do this together.
  • How can there be a disconnect between the editors? I’d like to know what type of disconnect took place. What does that picture have to do w/ the article. What actions are going to be taken to make sure doesn’t help what solution are available and how will we build on this experience. Why is it okay to publish this graphic are work, Cardinal Points needs new policies and editors and must be closely supervised.
  • Why is it when people bring up the word minority is is assumed that we come from a broken home and that we are all going to end up back there when we choose to go and better ourselves. I grew up in a bad area where it was expected of someone to be scared but never has it been in the cond. that the picture makes it seems. Why is it that we come from bad homes? why can’t we be a minority and come from  a good neighborhood? Does it mean that only minorities come from the ghetto. I am not the person in the “picture,” I am a student trying to better myself so that i can have a better life for myself.
  • I had a dream as a minority student, a dream I thought would come true through and here at SUNY Plattsburgh, but the dream has been slightly shattered by this image. I’m scared guessing what can really be avaliable for me here, and how welcome I really am by my peer and community.
  • As someone who was born and raised in the Bronx, Someone who lives in the projects all my life, I can promise you I will not be going home to the broken neighborhood depicted in this graphic when I graduate. I will be going home to a loving and educated family. I will be going home to my mother who is in the medical field, a brother who is in the NAVY and other family member involved in protecting all of us. I will go home and leave to proceed with my education and get my masters. I will get my masters after receiving my SUNY PLATTSBURGH bachelors and work to save our environment. This person in this graphic is not me and I am very heartbroken by this publication. I thought SUNY Plattsburgh was a community and this publication proves otherwise.
  • Let’s talk about how this make me, an African American woman in this institution! Why, why would that even be published on the front cover of CP? This reflects what the newspaper designer of the image sees me as a student/peer who sits in the same class room as them. The image does not depict who I am or where my peers come fro. This shows how ignorant people are to real issues. This should not be swept under the rug. Change needs to happen now!!! I am tired of the apologies I want to see change, because at the end of the day it all starts with us. I don’t want this to seem like a cliche letter to an admin. These are my true feelings and this little note card isn’t enough. An Angry, African American woman it makes me so upset that tears come to my eyes.
  • We need to look at the terminology we use to describe certain groups. Even statistically, people of color are becoming more represented demographically. The term “targeted group” is a better descriptor of many of the underrepresented groups on campus! “Minority” indicates that we are less than and are not representative of the dominant group.
  • As an African-american who actually lived in a poor environment, this picture gives me the notion that after I graduate, the only choice I have is to go back to where I came from. The picture depicts that as an African-American man, I have no opportunities that will be given to me and with opportunities, I am resulted to head back to the proverbial “hood” and act out on how media portrays me. The ignorance of the graphic designer really shows how others on this campus think’s of me.
  • Similar to Jim Crowe caricature, looks like black face. Depicts black people always coming from broken home. System is set up to benefit white middle-class Be educated before putting things out in the world If you don’t understand why something is offensive, don’t speak on it! Hold people accountable for the language they use, so many small things add up to the dangerous culture that we live in.
  • Comfortable using these skills to obtain any internship or job that you might have once dream about. ALPFA is more than a business oriented club, its a club that will teach you the valuable skill set needed to succeed in life.
  • Discrimination affects all of us but if we educate those around us, we can make a change. But discrimination should not be present at an institution where we have come to become more educated. As a community and campus that has shown our dedication to our students, this is a dis-service to our community. It shows others that we only care about a particular group on this campus. All of our students are here because we want to be educated But this image proves that ignorance is still prevalent on our campus. Ignorance and a lack of empathy is the downfall to this institution and all that it supposedly stands for. This is everyone’s problem.
  • I grew up with a white mother and black father. In my household, there was no such thing as race or color or “ways” we will be doing things. Where i got the most “black” or “white” way was through my extended family. I was always told by my black Aunt “you have to come and learn your black ways.” I was always confused with this because I always just lived, never in the way of race. My culture is my culture. The issue people face is that they associate race with one story. That this one story defines who we are. We need to encourage members of our society to let people tell their stories and be hear. Races of all kinds have a right to be proud for what they have accomplished but should not be defined by what the media or “one story” has told. We need to change the way people are thinking from what learned from the past to not let them define their future. A poem I wrote in 5th grade was, “My dad is black. My mom is white. My family is really out of site!” Never have i identified myself as black or white but as an individual in society who will do nothing but make her own future. Change the media. Change how families view their histories. Change the way people take “one story” to allowing people to make their own.
  • This photo is a representation of what people think of me, just because I have a little more melanin in my skin that the “majority.” It illustrates that where I come from can define my future, and that no matter how hard I work, I will always looked down upon. Moving forward, do we really want an apology from Cardinal points? People should be free to express their beliefs and thoughts as they see fit. Its just sad that my people are still looked at like this, after all of our accomplishments. We should all just take this time to accept that we, as “minorities” have a lot more work to do for real equality to come about.
  • Why when we hear the work “minority” this is what is depicted, still. We started at the bottom of the food chain, and through the civil rights movement we are still fighting myopic views. Black men and women are able to be CEO’s of companies, something that they have to fight twice as hard for. My mother always tried to tell me that I’m to work twice as hard as anyone else she told all my friends that were minorities that they have to work twice as hard. I never fully understood why. I’ve never been discriminated against directly and I never really understood why. Until i saw this image. This is proof that people still think of us like this. This is the answer i was looking for. This WHy we have to work twice as hard. We are seen in this way and not equal. That’s something that needs to change.
  • Everyone is asking the question. How can 7 people review this illustration and not challenge it. Although I don’t have the answer, I do have a little insight. Often times people to conform to ideas or certain behaviors b/c we don’t want people to judge us or we don’t want to stand out. No amount a psychology can justify why this image has been publish. I just want to encourage everyone to always voice your opinion. Don’t be afraid to challenge other and educate the ignorant.
  • Growing up in Africa, I have never experienced racism in my life. While I was preparing to come here to the US, I knew that I would have to start dealing with it. Seeing this picture just reaffirmed my view of the US as a country that has serious race issues. I’m not trying to badmouth this country, I know that anti-Blackness is worldwide, but it’s just heartbreaking that this is still going on in the 21st century in the most influential country in the world. However I am glad that so many people turned up to the event, shows that people care and want to solve this racial issue.
  • I find the picture comical that a school that strives for diversity so it claims still views minorities as these broken beings. Seeing this picture makes me realize to the school I am just another statistic. I am just another female nigger to the school however I laugh at this picture because I don’t know what the purpose of this photo was suppose to be but cannot make me feel what the world see mas as. I might be a statistic to you SUNY Plattsburgh to my community I am the XXXX
  • Have been here for 2 months as I am from Europe. I don’t have one non-danish friend, which don’t make me explore the beautiful cultures of the world and in countries. I wanted to go to USA to explore different people. I get to do that. Now I have friend from all different cultures, and have learned things I never would have back home. You have a wonderful difference within our country, and I hope you one day all will be truly accepted. Few destroy it for the mass. Not all “white” have that thought of black people. Don’t hope my fellow black college student think that I have that on them, I Don’t!!
  • Stereotyped Angry Viewed as worthless by others This graphic truly enrages me. This picture reflects the stereotypical views of Black people and a “black community.” This seems to express what many consider a “black community” viewed as broken, poverty stricken, covered in graffiti and crime. Why is that a “black community” is very rarely seen as wealthy, successful, professional, clean and more. I am tired of being defined by the stereotypes of my race. We seem to have become disenthesized by race as it appears as part of our distant past when it is not.
  • After listening to every person speak and looking at all the faces, it made me truly sade. People said they were “appalled, disgusted, had no words.” It made me feel heartbroken that one graphic made so many individuals feel disgusted and that how one graphic passed through seven people and nothing was done about it. The way I see it this country hasn’t changed much at all.
  • I am absolutely disgusted w/ this graphic. I am a white-student at SUNY Plattsburgh and I cannot begin to explain how much this hurts. This is NOT OKAY. SOmething must be done. I am not a minority and I am so sad. I’m so hurtful. I expect change. Absolutely disgusted.
  • As a dark-skinned female going to a predominantly white school, its really hard not to think about me being treated differently because of the color of my skin, or the texture of my hair, or anything else about me that makes me different from the majority white people. How can SUNY Plattsburgh not make me feel this way?
  • I am extremely angry but the only words I can allow myself to write is I FORGIVE this hatred for my very own culture. Jesus loves you!
  • This is sad. I am a transfer and this is my 1st semester here. This left a bad taste in my mouth. We live in 2015 and at the end of the day we pay the same tuition, eat the same food and drink the same water. Why is this going on. The person who wrote the article and drew the picture should come out and say there side of the story. Give a proper apology.
  • Although I am not part of a minority, this graphic does not depict where minorities live, or what’s going to happen after graduation. In the article NYC and amsterdam were mentioned as place that article reflects. I am from Amsterdam, and this graphic doesn’t show how myself and members of minority are going to look after graduation. It’s disgusting that someone sat down and created this — thinking it depicts the article and group of people discussed.
  • Next time you draw something at least have the article connect to the picture. Shows ignorance. On facebook when the Article/picture was posted on the “SUNY Plattsburgh Class of 2018” a student that I saw commented , her major said journalism in her bio. I don’t know if she is Apart of Cardinal Points but she wrote, “journalism seeks the truth. This truth was not intended to hurt others.” First off, no where in this illustration is “truth.” Being from the Bronx, my neighborhood looks pretty decent to me. Yes some walls may have Graffiti, but those are people way of expressing themselves. No “the hood” does not look broken, and torn down like how the picture displays. Yes I am mad but an apology is not going to cut it. To me, once you did something already, an apology is useless because you did it already. They published the picture thinking it was not going to be a problem issue, thinking “the minorities” were not going to voice our opinions. so because it showed a “racist” issue, they want to apologize. Yes it took the courage for them to say what they had to say, but it is not okay that they were not aware of the picture being published. First they need a better board if not everybody is aware or communicated with each other. What i want as a solution is for CP to publish our thoughts on these index cards as their next cover newspaper and have the community redraw the image as how we should look at the black community. Change the background to something that is actually the truth. Nice to have the young African-American man in a cap and gown, but not nice to the background like that. Publish our thoughts.
  • The biggest issue here is timing and rentrition. A lot of people tonight said this is a misrepresentation, and it’s not. There are plenty of students here, that do come from broken homes and poor neighborhoods. This weekend the NYC trip for high school, I can’t help but think that they can relute. At first, I saw the picture in a positive light, I thought, “yeah, he did it. He graduated and got out of the hood.” Expect, the person in the picture, isn’t the only kid making it our of a broken home or poor neighborhood. There was plenty of room on that page to add some more people and environment. Between the events happening in the world, on campus, this is minor. It’s relatable to some people but not all. And that’s the fault. Solution: General sensitivity training, starting in res life faculty and then moving to students, and community. International and exchange student forums, just to expose the campus to people’s cultures, and experiences across the world. And general exposure to other peoples lifestyles, cultures, and experiences.
  • As a college more of these conversations HAVE to happen. We need to hold EACH OTHER accountable for the words that are said (BECAUSE WORDS ARE POWERFUL) THIS CAN’T HAPPEN AGAIN ITS DISGUSTING, IGNORANT, and a little PATHETIC. A solution I have for problems like this is that we have administration watch over what gets presented to the public.
  • I would love to know how “Cardinal Points” is going to “correct” the image printed. I would also like E-board of CP to reevaluate themselves. Cardinal Points needs an advisor!
  • I still don’t know how to feel. I’m shocked. Speechless. Sad. Sad that this is still a thing. That in 2015 there are still people that think this way. I’m disgusted that this was even published on a campus I consider open-minded, fair, equal, caring, the list goes one. Our generation is going to be the one to change and improve our culture! I still have hope.
  • This outrages me because we’re taught that we can achieve anything however were socially and systematically The people approved this need to be forced to resign.
  • I feel disgusted by the photo. The poet that this situation is welcoming and keeps being pushed aside. Its time we stop working events and start talking about it.
  • i believe the chief of CP should resign because she told me last night. She don’t care what’s being published because she didn’t take the time to even review the picture/article. She isn’t capable of doing the job that was assigned to her so she has to go!
  • I am not surprised at the tastelessness of this degrading photo. The mere fact that this was allowed to be published means that SUNY Plattsburgh, those who get paid here, tolerate this kind of message. You allow it to continue because you are OK with this. If this shoe was on the other foot, you all would be crying foul. I am not offering any solution(s) because this is not my problem; my black and African American student body had and STILL have 99 problems but this shall not be one of them. This on SUNY Plattsburgh and all of its employees. I am not accepting apologies or the mere fact that this was a “mistake.” This had all intent to harm and enrage us. By saying that this was a “mistake,” you are telling me that my ancestors being bought over to the New World that you claim as your own, involuntarily, was a “mistake.” Lynchings, segregating schools, churches, bathrooms was a “mistake.” Giving us the right to vote was a “mistake.” Allowing me to attend this very institution was a “mistake.” I want you all to know my SKIN COLOR was and IS NOT A MISTAKE.
  • It’s hard not to feel bad for the guy what drew this photo — and not because of the on going hate he will receive but because he was raised to think ignorantly and close mindedly which led him to the moment where he sat down with a story pitch “Minority Rates Examined” and he came up with such an unnecessary disgusting photo with which he thought was okay. And its not okay. At all. And its a really messed up situation because theres 7 others who stood next to him and thought it was okay, too. We all think we’ve come a long way but we have so, so much farther to go.
  • I am thoroughly disgusted. I could never fully understand what it feels like to be racially discriminated against, but I have been discriminated for my sexual orientation; both are thing that we can’t control. We can not sit here and discuss this issue and let it die in this room. This graphic does not define the black community. We need to look at eachother for our personalities and our attributes. I bileive Cardinal Points made the right decision by asking the student to resign. Personally, I believe there should be further consequences for him. Without action, words hold no weight. Lets rise above this lowly picture and prove that we as a community are better than that.
  • The major issue i have with this image is not only the face that someone was able to sit down and create such a racist image. One can only assume that the editors writers were careless and inconsiderate. No way in anyones right mind should this image should have made it to a newspaper yet alone the front cover. Also the face that the creator has yet to step forward and begin to even try to explain themselves and or apologize. It’s absolutely outragious and unacceptable. We all have equally been accepted to this school based on grades, activities and resumes. Our place of home or our race should not be shown with our graduation. We equally will receive our degree because of our work not becuase of our color. This fight is unacceptable again. It’s disgusting and it needs to change.
  • I deserve better. #blacklivesmatter
  • I take this article very offensive and I am only a freshmen. I need something to be done about this because I don’t want this to a pattern
  • This image make me feel like these stereotypes need a solution. IT angers me that we cannot advance as a society. We must realize some individuals may not see the harm because they’re sheltered from diversity. In regards to moving forward, we must move away from race only on minorities and realize without changing all stereotypes we can’t move forward. Offering these students staff training would be a resource for those sheltered or unaware to be exposed to this matter.
  • Say no to RACISM!! Black is a skin color it’s not a type of disease or a downsyndrome. We all are the same. People should start growing mentally not only physically. Color doesn’t decide your destiny what you did in college will. P.S. Slavery was over 400 years ago. Wake up people we are on the 21st century.
  • I feel very upset by the publication for this image. Even though I am not black, the first thing I said when I saw the image was it was racist. How did no one else think that this was racist. I think that now that this happened the issue becomes black lives matter. The issue should really become ALL LIVES MATTER.SUNY Plattsburgh is better than this. It makes me sad that this has even became an issue. We should be a community here @ Plattsburgh, not a group who lets stereotypes defines us.
  • I feel disgusted, ashamed and hurt. All lives matter.
  • I believe this image portrayed on the front cover Cardinal Points is very offensive. It categorizes African American as a group of impoverished people. It resembles the black face which we have years to get away from. This picture is unfair and unjust and there is no way this image should have made the front page after being reviewed by administration.
  • Being an international student who has had to take effort to get where I am, this image left a splinter in my mind pertaining to my background. I could not choose where I came from. But I am choosing where I am going. And it is unacceptable to me, if somebody assumes where I am headed.
  • Its crazy how we are still in 2015 and still have images like this going around! Just know this not the end of this, this is only the begining! We will bring awareness to this issue because we all stand together!
  • As a Black (African American) individual, if that image depicts who I am, then that image shows greatness, intelligence, power, and so much more beyond that.
  • I feel bad for those 7 people who allowed this because they are blind to this racist picture. They need help to see why this is a problem! We must help them change their views when they think or see a black human.
  • I think that this is an experience that taught me and has taught many people that we need to stop “sleeping and we all need to “wake.” We all need to realize what goes on, on this campus and be aware and help make the campus better, no matter what color we are!
  • I am deeply saddened that we as a school have created such a barrier amoun races and that so many people did not see a problem with the photo.
  • Remind student they don’t have to major in JOU to work in student media
  • This picture makes the minorities think this is how everyone looks at them. This is a problem, I don’t think this when I think of a black person graduating. Whoever drew this should be completely disgusted with themselves and something needs to change this newspaper and its editing process.
  • I don’t understand how this made it it on the front page of a college newspaper. This is completely offensive and it’s sad that 7 people didn’t realize this picture is unacceptable.
  • The picture does not depict who an African American student. I am an African American from a neighborhood with long driveways and big backyards, and this graphic puts me and my family in the ghetto. I don’t even know the ghetto.
  • If this is how you really feel please don’t deny it. Speak your truth. But you won’t because of your lack of intellect and “diversity.” Trust me I know you do not care. But please remember that we are and my blackness will be shown.
  • Why is this still happening? Why can’t we change? If we created this, we can eradicate it.
  • Let’s keep the conversation going!!


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Jacob Modry (4) handles against the Buffalo St. Bengals at the Ronald B. Stafford Ice Arena Nov. 19, 2022.   By Michael Purtell and Collin Bolebruch CROSS-COUNTRY Both...

Memorial Hall renovations approaching end

The Memorial Hall gymnasium got a facelift in the renovations, complete with updated branding. Memorial Hall's lobby was a focus of the renovations, making the...