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PSUC sorority crowns ‘sweetheart’

Scattered petals lined the runway. Streamers and balloons were wrapped around the stage, and the crowd went wild as the male contestants got ready for their catwalk.

Sig Delt Sweetheart, an event sponsored by Plattsburgh State’s Sigma Delta Tau sorority, was held to support the Prevention of Child Abuse of America.

The PCAA helps 100,000 families and strives to promote the healthy development of children and prevent child abuse, according to the official PCAA website.

“We really do go all out for our main philanthropy event for the spring. We hope people can see how creative we were,” Philanthropy Chair Julissa Vera said.

The male beauty pageant invited men from sports teams and fraternity and sorority life to compete for the title of Sig Delt Sweetheart. The three categories of the event included fashion, talent and a question for each contestant.

The pageant started out with a Youtube clip from the PCAA explaining their cause and how all the proceeds were going to help assist children in need.

Next, each contestant walked the runway to their desired song and a short biography by host and chapter president Nicole Collado. After introductions came the talent competition.

Collado said the judges were looking for a contestant who showed creativity, enthusiasm and made their talent segment personal to the Sig Delts.

“We had a lot of good talent this year. It was hard to narrow it down to a winner,” Collado said. “The judges did a really good job at being objective and not taking their relationships into consideration.”

PSUC Chi Phi’s Ryan Baldry approached the stage with a guitar and said, “I don’t play guitar.”

Instead, he talked about the differences between American and British lifestyles in a comedy skit. PSUC sophomore and Sigma Tau Gamma’s Tyler Smith did a cover of “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber.

All the contestants were enjoying the night, and backstage was a fun light-hearted atmosphere.

“We were having a ball back there. We were laughing and talking and just making jokes,” PSUC Pi Alpha Nu’s Peter Bocassi said.

Bocassi performed his own original song and said he’s been playing guitar for a while and wanted to see what everyone thought.

Bocassi said other contestants who stood out were his friend, PSUC senior Tau Kappa Epsilon’s Nick Arma, who also performed an original song, and PSUC senior and Alpha Phi Alpha member Delano Wood who danced with a fraternity member.

During intermission, the judges, Sigma Delta Tau’s Alexis Vetro, Kenzie Cavaluzzo and Jordan Winslow determined Mr. Congeniality. Last week, the sorority tabled in the ACC where contestant’s friends and families donated money for the title of Mr. Congeniality. Mr. Congeniality , which was the crowd favorite. Each contestant had their own bag, where friends and family could donate.
PSUC Pi Kappa Phi’s Tyler Doyle won the title mid-way through the event.

After the raffle, which included gift cards to Buffalo Wild Wings and Chipotle, Collado announced the final eight who made it for the question round.

Collado asked Bocassi what was more important: money or love.

“I believe love is more important. Money can’t buy you love,” he said. “At the end of the day, what’s more important? Being in the home with your loved one, or being in a big house by yourself?”

The crowd roared with his response.

“When it came to the question, I knew I had to say something funny and something true at the same time,” he said after event the ended.

The results: third place went to Smith, second place went to Wood. The Sig Delt Sweetheart crown went to Bocassi.

“I’ve been in the sorority for two years now, and I think this is the best (Sig Delt Sweetheart event) we’ve had so far,” Collado said. “This event is a showcase of who we are as a sorority. Everything is in good fun, but we do have a lot of love for our philanthropy.”

It was Collado’s first time hosting, and she said she wanted the contestants to feel comfortable so they could be who they are.

Collado said everyone is welcome to attend the annual event and she hopes to see even more people attend next year.

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