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PSUC ready for ‘Relay’

The Plattsburgh State chapter of Colleges Against Cancer will be hosting the 10th annual Relay for Life April 8 at the PSUC Fieldhouse from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.

This year’s theme is all about birthdays. It was inspired by the actual slogan for the American Cancer Society, which is “fighting for more birthdays.”

PSUC senior public relations and multimedia journalism double major and Relay Chair Amy Sheldon said there is a reason why people go to Relay for Life.

“Cancer affects so many people,” she said.

Sheldon, along with her team, are planning almost all the linguistics of this year’s event.

Sheldon said they have different committees working with them that help them come up with the sections of the night. They have an entertainment and a ceremony committee.

PSUC junior and vice president of CAC Ashlee Moschitta said her role is to not only help out the president and the club, but also help Sheldon and the rest of the team prepare for the event.

“I have to make sure that all my committees are prepared and have their events planned and figured out,” she said. “This year, we had each committee do their own tabling event, which should help out a lot.”

Last year’s Relay for Life raised $55,000, which was the group’s goal, so they increased it this year to $65,000.

So far the group has raised $29,206.

Junior and member of the Public Relations committee, Kayla Thorsey said all the money goes toward cancer research. She said the ACS is the only government non-profit organization that has done cancer research as long as they have.

On top of cancer research, the donations will also go to programs like Hope Lodge, where patients and their families have a place to stay if their best hope for treatment is in another city. Another program is Road to Recovery, where transportation is provided to and from treatment for people who do not have means.

Thorsey said many clubs will be performing throughout the night, including Kickline, PSUC Cheerleading, Dance Corps and Platty Slack.

“We are going to try to throw a big birthday party, so there will be a lot of games going on as well,” Thorsey said. “After the opening ceremony, we got Bryan Hartman to agree to come and be the first person to be pied in the face.”

Another main feature of the night is the Remembrance Ceremony. Everyone lights the luminaria bags, which is a small paper lantern, and remember those individuals who have died from cancer.

“You can buy your own luminaria bag and dedicate it to someone,” Moschitta said. “Last year when we did it, almost everyone in the gym raised their candles.”

As of now, there are 52 teams and a total of 821 participants that are going to be at the event.

“We want the best turnout possible and raise the most money before the event,” Thorsey said. “We are aiming for an additional 200 to 300 people to come sign up.”

To make sure people know about Relay for Life, the group will be tabling all week. They also have looked to increase promotion by putting things on social media.

“We usually get more than a 1,000 participants on the day of,” she said.

“We are doing pretty well so far because we get a lot of people who sign up as the event gets closer.”

Tickets are $20 before the event and $25 on the day of the event.

To register for the April 8 event or donate, go to

Email David Luces at

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