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PSUC confident amidst struggles

The Plattsburgh State women’s tennis team managed to break its streak of losses after beating Mount Saint Mary College 9-0 on Saturday, Sept. 16.

The Cardinals lost their match against SUNY New Paltz the day before but are focusing on improving every practice and match.

“Their physical side is there and they improve every day we have practice,” head coach said Annmarie Curle, head coach. “We’re trying to really solidify the chemistry between our doubles and really get our strategy on lockdown. Knowing when to get the important points and the big games.”

There were strong showings in both singles and doubles matches in the match against Mount Saint Mary College, which helped PSUC get the win.

“I think overall, we performed well, really executing what we have been focusing on in practices.” Sophomore Sierra Barrett said, pointing out the loss and win from the weekend. “I think it’s important to note that whenever you play SUNYAC schools, it’s always a tough match and that’s a great way of showing us what we really need to work on.”

Even though the team lost their match against New Paltz, the freshmen duo of Erin Wiggins and Nadine Ciardulli was able to get the team a point.

“It felt truly amazing to have bounced back from a losing streak and win a doubles match against one of the highest ranked teams in Division III tennis,” Wiggins said. “To be able to accomplish that your freshman year is incredible.”

The Cards do not play again until Sept. 30 in Oswego, though they may set up a non-conference match before then to stay in game shape.

PSUC also plays scrimmages in practice to keep on their toes.

“On our Wednesday evenings, because our team is a little young, what we do is we call them competitive Wednesday nights and we actually split our squad and we do a dual match within ourselves,” Curle said.

Several of the players have mentioned how supportive the team is of each other, during practice and matches.

“We just work together really hard and we all try our hardest,” Ciardulli said. “In the matches I see everybody does that. It’s not just one person that’s trying to hold up the whole team but we all just do it together so we’re kind of one.”

Although the Cards have been facing losses, it doesn’t stop them from having a positive outlook on future games.

“They’re an unbelievable team,” Senior Shari Forman said, regarding New Paltz. “I just love playing them, though, because even though they’re a better team, when we play better teams we get better.”

The team is seeded 4 out of 4 in the East. When they go to the SUNYAC match at the end of their season in October, they will be matched up against the number one team.
“It’s a monumental matchup.” Curle said. “But anything can happen.”

The next match scheduled is Sept. 30 against Oswego State. It will be PSUC’s last home match as well as its senior night match.

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